Friday, December 26, 2008

While we wait...

we cherish.  I'm enjoying some great times with Esther.  Almost each day she does something new. Starting yesterday she was sucking on her upper lip so loudly you could hear it out in the hall if the door was open!  She's also been fascinated with her tongue, licking her lips, or just pining it between her lips like this:

Today she laughed twice.  I just can not get enough of her smiles!  She's reportedly the cutie on the floor - nurses come in and say they heard rumors that there was a really cute baby around here, and they all say the same thing..."she's so cute" or "you are so cute" if they are talking to her!  Here's some photos I took today of her:

First, here she is seriously talking to here daddy:

And here she is during a smile fest with me this evening:

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we've enjoyed seeing Esther bloom and grow!


  1. She is so very beautiful!!!:-)

  2. These are indeed precious pictures. So encouraging to hear and "see" how the Lord is growing her up a little bit day by day. I especially like those of her and her daddy. To me a little bitty daughter in the strong and protective arms of their daddy makes my heart just "melt".

    It was fun to hear about your Christmas and to know that you enjoyed it and made sew wonderful new memories through it. It's hard to believe the holiday season as nearly over however, our girls head back to bible college in a week already.

    We continue to think about you and pray for you in these days of waiting and dare I say "anticipation". Knowing that God is sovereign in all the happenings of the following days. May you have peace and joy and trust while you waiting in his "garlic press".

    Blessings Laura

  3. What a wonderful gift she is! I hope she continues to bloom! I hope to see you soon!

  4. Oh she just melts my heart. We'll be praying for a safe surgery, uneventful recovery and joyous homecoming for Esther and your whole family.