Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please sign this petition!


In order to protect our children from the posibility of lead poisoning, they have enacted a law that will basically shut down all small home businesses that produce anything for children.  While precautions are great, this law does not take into account for products that use materials that rarely, if ever, contain lead!

There's lots of info on that page, so please take a moment and read it and sign this petition as if this law is not ammended it could really effect our already precarious economy!




  1. Wow, the government worries about small businesses, yet imports millions of things from other countries, China, in particular, that are tainted with lead!

  2. Yes this is an issue Ruth, I have asked as many people as I can find to sign the petition and I contacted my senator. I am becoming worried about this... I really do love my small business and I think that small business, look at hyena cart, are a huge boost to our economy. Local economy needs a boost, Chinas economy is doing well bc of us I fear but what about ours? So if they shut us down, then more people will have to buy products from large retailers who have outsourced to China, and they use an enormous amt of lead! Remember last x mas when tons of toys by matel were pulled bc they were made in china and painted with lead paint??? And now Chinas formula mess, why would we buy their stuff instead of ours???