Sunday, March 22, 2009

It is broken...

and it's called a "Jones Fracture".  It's the outermost foot bone (the one that ends in the pinky toe), and it's fractured closest to the ankle - placing the break about halfway dow her foot betwenn the toe and heel.

Here she is this morning, playing golf on the Wii:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Rebekah's Boot (you can see Esther in her swing too!)"]Rebekahs Boot[/caption]

She was given a boot to wear for 4 weeks.  So after a few days of rest, Ibuprophen, and ice off and on, she'll be walking arouns...with a big boot on her ight foot.

It was a long night.  We finally got called back for exrays around 11 pm (2 hours into our wait), and then to a "room" (a bed with a curtain in a room that had 4 beds and an exam chair) around 12:30 am.  We were in the room for about 1/2 hour total.  We were discharged and home by 1:30 am.  Once we got into the room, it went extremely fast.  They've really improved the admitting process at St Joes - they just had way too many people come in last night.  For over an hour there was constantly a line of people coming in the door - it was unreal!

So this bring our count of 6 confirmed broken bones with our children with the following break down -

Jessica (1)- stress fracture in her foot last year (running barefoot in Karate class),

Jonathan (2)- displaced fracture, femur (12 weeks in traction body cast) (tobogganing on Mt Baker) plus a green stick fracture in the tibia (jumping onto the couch) (same leg, 8 months after breaking femur, probably lower bone density from lack of use while in traction cast),

Rebekah (2) - Broken Humerous just above the elbow, displaced, requiring surgery to place pins (at 16 mos from falling off the couch), fractured fifth metatarsal ( (kicking a tiny soccer ball around with Rachel)

Reuben (1)-Green stick fracture of the tibia (another child sliding and ran into him)

Here's a great skeleton listing, in case you can't remember what bones are what -

So that gives us an average of less than 1 broken bone per child at this point in thim!  That's good, right???

Updates in general:

Jeremy is deploying to Iraq on Tuesday (we had a wonderful but short time with him - lots of pizza and bowling!)

Jason - working fulltime as a machinist, very busy with volleyball (city league), bowling (for recreation now, but trying to get a team together for the Ferndale league), assistant coaching a Bible Quizzing Team, and trying to get his Camaro running again (toasted the engine last fall just after getting the super charger to work!).

Jessica - working lots for me at Snap-EZ, Karate, Piano Lessons, Bible Study, 4H Dog Training Class, doting on Esther much of the time, almost done with her tooth implant, waiting for crown in May.

Jonathan - looking forward to lots of biking with the weather warming up, blazing trails in our woods for mountain biking, Karate, working for Snap-EZ  doing snapping (and of course, homeschooling), hanging out with Esther, had oral surgery to expose impacted canine and now has a brace attached to the tooth in the room of his mouth with a chain going from the brace to the wire for his braces.  Oh, and we've discovered that he's really good at golfing and bowling!

Rebekah - Art Lessons, drawing, painting, cartooning, hanging out in the great outdoors, playing with her horses (toys), putting on nail polish, Making things in general, homeschooling, recovering from a broken foot

Rachel - Loving on Esther, writing letters to friends, Karate, Piano Lessons, making things for her American Doll, playing in her play house, homeschooling and plays a mean game of bowling (both on the Wii and in real life!)

Reuben - Riding his bike, being helpful in general, playing games with everyone, homeschooling, doing math calculations whenever possible, playing cars with his brothers.

Daniel - Playing cars, riding his bike, learning to do chores this year, homeschooling - loves to read!

Dayton - plays with his brothers, but also with Elizabeth a lot, started Speech therapy this month, playing outside, racing around on his bike

Elizabeth - being cute 90% of the time, talking like there's no tomorrow, getting into trouble, drawing on walls with any form of writing utensil, drawing stick people, changing clothes, tinkering around on the piano, pleading to go shopping with Jessica or I every week, in general, being the perfect exaple of an energetic little girl!  Just had her first filling done this week at the pediadontist  under sedation- was not fun at all.  At least they got all the work done as she won't want to do that again for a long time!  She's also warming up to Esther and starting to love on her (I think she was intimidated with Esther, not knowing how to connect with her).

Esther - Just getting of having a really bad cold (juicy cough, brocheitus, nasal congestion etc) that has lasted over 4 weeks, sits up with support, shakes toys especially if they make noise, talks to us a lot, loves to smile and laugh, sleeps through the night again now that cough is better, pony tail on top is now over 3 inches long!, holds up head up without arm support when on her tummy, almost can roll over both ways, is starting up physical therapy again this week, 2 times a week, getting more evaluations in April for Occupational/Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy for the Children's Neurological Development Program in Bellingham (this is where Dayton is getting his speech therapy).  Esther turned 6 months old this week too!  She now weighs just over 13 1/2 pounds, slow but steady weight gain.  She's down to just one precription for her Thyroid again (she was on antibiotics and an inhaler while she was sick).

Me - busy putting materials into production so we can close out our Snap-EZ Line, dreaming about landscaping (never did any when the house was finished as I was too pregnant last summer) - flower gardens, lawn, vegetable gardens and such, homeschooling the kids, caring for Esther, reading some really good christian Novels by Karen Kingsley, trying to do a Bible Study, but due to all the sick kiddos I've missed most of the meetings, Driving to our many appointments (well child check ups now, some dentist appointments, orthodontist appointments, physical therapy for Esther, Speech Therapy for Dayton as well as shopping for this crew.  I'm also enjoying the use of Jeremy's Z28 Camaro - man can that car get up and boogy!  I don't use it to speed, generally, but it's nice to really make us of on know, get up to 70 mph before gettting halfway down the onramp!  Bet you ddin't know I took a race driving course back in 1985!

Daryl - working as usual, recovery from the flu, trying to decide what car to buy for his commuter car (Jessica bought his Camaro) - he really wants a 69 chevelle, but running ones are usually more than he has to spend, but is also thinking about getting a Fiero or Corvette (the Fiero being more in his budget, but what car not wouldn't dream of owning a Corvette at least once in his life, know what I mean!?).  He's also planning on putting an engine on his S-10 pickup so I can have a truck to haul things while doing the landscaping - he has the engine, just waiting on a clutch for the transmition.  Also working on repairing my station wagon as the previous owners lowered it improperly and it ruined the suspension - parts are on they're way. He also is learning to bowl with a serious spin, and is looking forward to some time on the greens this year, if we can afford it!

Oh - and this week we'll be celebrating our 24th anniversary.  We are hoping to get away to celebrate - maybe to San Francsisco and stay with my sister, Lisa, or possible some other location - you know fly in, buy the car, drive it home kind of thing!  We love adentures!  That how we got our Stationwagon - bought it on Ebay, flew to Spokane that afternoon, drove it home (stayed in a hotel in Ephrata and visited my brother Tom and neice, Shelley).  24 years, and 11 children later and we're still best friends!  We started as friends, and that's never changed.  Right now our favorite thing to do together is playing golf on our Wii - Daryl taught me how to golf way back when we were friends, we also golfed frequently when we were first married, and have tried to go golfing at least once a year when I'm no too pregnant.  I'm looking forward to golfing again this summer, but for now, golfing with the Tiger Woods Wii Golf is fun for both of us - and I can even beat him, which never happens in real life!  Althoug, in the summer of 2007, I beat both Daryl and his Dad on one hole!  I'll never forget that as that is a huge milestone for me!  LOL!

Oh - and everytime I play golf, I think of my Grandmother on my mom's side - her and grandpa were members of a country club and played golf a lot.  She was so proud when Daryl taught me to golf.  I can imagine her watching from heaven and smiling whenever I play golf!  I just love being able to go in the great outdoors, on immaculately kept lawns, ride around in a fun little cart, and get out a few frustrations by hitting something as hard as I can!  If I  could, I'd probably like to go golfing once a week all summer long!  Now we have the fun of golfing with our kids.  Jason does quite well, Jeremy enjoys it too, and Jonathan is going to be a natural!

I'll do a blog on Jeremy's visit another time, and for now, here's a photo of Esther sleeping (with her eyes partially open as usual) on her Aunt Kim's lap yesterday - we had Daryl's family over to celebrate his dad's 80th birthday yesteday and Aunt Kim has the knack with Esther (which was a big help for me as I was grilling burgers and hotdogs for dinner!):

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Esther and Aunt Kim"]Esther and Aunt Kim[/caption]

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My favorite place...ER

Not!  I think 50% of the population is here too!

Unlike our trips here with Esther (infant heart failure), a possible broken bone in Rebekah's foot does not effect immediate treatment.  We've been here for over 1 1/2 hours, and from what we hear, the wait is averaging 3 hours.

Three hours of sitting in a crowded waiting room with scary coughs, people vomiting, sick people huddling in layers of coats with glassy eyes while holding your medically fragile baby.  I told the triage nurse that Esther shouldn't be exposed to this room and she said she'd get us into another waiting room, but they are so busy it took almost an hour just to get a bag of ice for Rebekah's swollen foot.  I've given up on getting special treatment, so I'm praying that God will protect Esther from all the nasty bugs floating in the air here.

Rebekah was playing some free style soccer with Rachel, and when they bumped into eachother, Rebekah twisted her ankle and rolled her foot.  The outside of her foot a littl more than half way between the heel and the end of her big toe swelled/bruised immediately.

Esther's trying to drnk her bottle, so I'll update once we know something.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snap-EZ Stocking News

I worked way too many hours, and stock all trainers and diapers that have made it out of production as of this week.  There was new stuff in everysize and style!  Tons of new stuff, and some brand new prints never before seen!

I won't have more products to stock for at least 1 1/2 weeks, possibly longer.  From here on out, there will be very limited prints and almost no fleece, so get those while they are still available!

We have been overwhelmed at the number and size of orders this week, so please be patient on your orders shipping back to you.  We caught up yesterday, only to get a lot more orders today!  We'll be working extra hours to stay on top, but there might be times when we get a little behind.  Also, with so many orders coming at the same time, sometimes the same product is over ordered, so keep an eye on your emails for requests for substitutions!

I've also edited our emails - you can now sign up for or edit your preferences so you can get stocking updates via email for either training pants or Diapers or both!  I'll send out notices when we restock all sizes each time over the next few months.

Also, for my loyal blog followers, I haven't forgotten you!  I plan to update on the personal side soon with pics of Jeremy's visit.  I haven't had much time for blogging as the flu has been hanging out at our house for over a month now - with Esther being the sickest the longest.  She's still got lots of congestion, but is finally not coughing all night.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snap-EZ Products Discontinued

Snap-EZ Products Discontinued

Big Changes for Snap-EZ

In light of the new Consumer Safety Product Regulations,
combined with added responsibilities at home,
we have decided to simplify our product line.

This does not effect our line of Snap-EZ 4 Life at this time.

We are going to move to offering only the Eco line of products and discontinue our regular line.
We plan to increase the type of products and sizes offered in the Eco Product line
as our regular line sells out, but this will take time.

To start things off, we have lowered the prices on all our products that will no be carried over.
We will be continuing to produce products over the next couple of months
as we work our way through materials that are already cut and/or in production.
Once our materials are exhausted, then we will sell what we have and close out the products as they disappear.
Check our Price list for current discounted prices,
as we will keep that updated as things change over the next few months!

While we are sad that we will no longer be producing our colorful selections and exciting prints, we are excited as we move foreward to expanding our Snap-EZ Eco product line.

Thanks for being there for us through the last 4 1/2 years, and we hope to continue to meet the needs of families everywhere through our new line of Eco Products!

Because we are discontinuing these products, all sales are final, no returns will be accepted.

Here's a sampling of our Discounted Prices:
Solid Color Pocket Diapers - was $17.95 now only $15.50
Solid Color Nap-EZ Stuffable Trainers - was $17.95 now only $15.50
Solid Color AIO Trainers - was $21.95 now only $19.50
Changing Pads - $4 off original retail!

Order now for best selection!