Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas morning, and all is well

I woke up at 5 am on Christmas morning when Esther was crying because she had scratched herself on the forehead, and found my clothes neatly folded on top of my laptop and gifts for Esther in her crib!

The security guy reviewed the tapes and figured out who had taken my clothes.  It turns out it was just a mis-understanding. There is a bin under the counter that is "free for the taking" - un-matched socks and small items. This mom thought that the clothes on the counter were also free - someone had needed the dryer and had put my clothes on the counter - this is common and happens all the time.  So the security guy contacted her and I guess she felt horrible (made me feel bad, but I did need my clothes!), and even re-washed them and then they made their way into my room after that!

So all's well that ends well!  Again, this just goes to show that over-reacting to situations just doesn't pay.  I was really tired last night, and it was quite upsetting to find my clothes missing.  My initial reaction was being very upset, but I prayed about it and talked myself into trusting God for the outcome, as well as getting my emotions under control.  God is good, and I was able to sleep during the night, unconcerned about my clothes.

Psalm 4:8 - In peace I will both lay myself down and sleep, for you, Yahweh alone, make me live in safety.

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