Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 2

Esther is looking so much better!  They've removed the drainage tube and wires from her chest, her urinary catheter, her stomach suctioning tube, and her breathing tube!  She's breathing on her own, and is getting very little oxygen.  She breaths soooo slow now that I just can't get used to it!

Oh - and she's past the critical "first 24 hours", so unless she develops an infection, things should go great from here on out.  She'll be coming out of ICU sometime tomorrow, or maybe Thursday at the latest.

If you remember, her "baseline" for breathing was 60 - 70 breaths per minute, but now she's 20 - 30!   It almost scares me into thinking she isn't breathing!  I haven't been able to hold her yet, as they just removed the breathing tube about an hour ago, and they wanted her to rest and level out before we hold her.  So I took a shower and Daryl and I had lunch together.  She's still sleeping, so we are waiting for her to wake up.

Jessica and the kids are on their way home right now. They wanted and needed to be home.  Daryl is staying here, and we are with out a car, but Jessica can come down when she gets discharged, or maybe God will surprise us with an unexpected ride home like last time when Daryl's sister-in-law had to be down here for a doctor's appointment and was able to pick Esther and I up and take us home!  Who know!

Today I'm really tired and out of sorts - I think the stress of the last few days has really taken a toll on me.  I'm going to make this short for now and take a nap until Esther wakes up.  I'll try to post some photos tonight!


  1. Good news!!! We'll keep praying!

  2. So happy to hear that she is doing better. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  3. Great news! Hope Esther continues to make an improvement. I bet you will be astounded with her progress once she gets over this op. with best wishes to you and all the family. Leonora

  4. I am amazed at how well you are doing! You guys both looked great today. It was so good to see you and see Esther looking so much better than she even did before her surgery! I did post to the Special Child Exchange that you are both doing well. You have lots of prayers and well wishes coming from all of us! I will check back with you on the 2nd to see if you are up for another visit if I can. Hunter has an appointment that morning so we will have to see how he is doing.