Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Esther's surgery is scheduled for Monday

Here's the sunset from my room yesterday - it was beautiful:

We just got word that her surgery is scheduled for Monday.  There is always the possibility that is will be delayed, like if a child needing emergency gets priority, then the schedule is bumped back.

Please pray that she remains stable until then, and does not catch any "bugs"

Here's the view from our room - snow on Giraffes, unusual sight!

Daryl brought Jessica, Rachel, Reuben, Daniel, Dayton, and Elizabeth down to stay in the Ronald McDonald House.  We went shopping, made dinner, Daryl left for home, and I came back here to stay with Esther.
Yesterday I tried to make her bed look like a princess bed:

And here she is playing with her friends:

Esther had a great morning, she looked so good and was awake a lot.  But starting around lunch time, she became grumpy, listless, her heart rate was excellerated, and she was breathing shallow and fast.  She seemed to want to sleep, but couldn't settle into a relaxed sleep.  This continued all afternoon and I bought it to the attention of the nurse, who told the doctors.  They checked her out and said it could be the new medication she had started today, or it could be the larger doses of Lasix.
Here she is just hanging out today - just laying there looking at "Fruit Loops" - we gave her toucan this cute name - it's much easier to say then Toucan.

We had a volunteer come and watch Esther while I was with the kids, and when I came back, Esther had fully loaded her diaper - it stunk worse than any diaper I've ever smelled!  She then rested comfortably and is still asleep.  When she wakes up, I'm going to be very interested to see if her behavios this afternoon was from being constipated or if it was the meds.  Only time will tell...I'm just so happy to see her resting comfortably.

I'm been a little out of sorts today - I cry easily.  I got a call from my Aunt Marylin and she said they are all doing well, and that my Uncle is hanging on.  But I haven't heard anything since this morning.  I talked to my brother, Mark, and he said I could ride with him to the funeral - I just hope the timing will be good considering Esther's surgery.

Tomorrow I hope to spend most of the day with the kids.  I've requested a volunteer to be here in the afternoon as they are having pet therapy for the kids over at RMH.

They are also having something special for dinner, but I can't remember what that is.  We have to make a wish list for each of the kids, and they'll take the wish list and get the kids Christmas presents!  The kids are so excited!

I am convinced now that this will be the most memorable Christmas our family has ever had.

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  1. Hi Ruth,
    If you guys see a beautiful golden reteriver named Mavrick, at the RMDH, give him a hug for us! Either Jessica or Steve is his owner.Jessica is an Advanced Hippotherapy Instructor and Stive is a Physical therapist at Little Bit were both of my boys go for hippotherapy. I was going to intern with Jessica until things just got to hecktic with the kids and medical issues. Steve is Hunter's PT and instructor. Mavrick is always at Little Bit with them and is just the sweetest boy!
    I have been really emotional lately as well. I wonder if that is how we mom's process what is going on and release it. If you need to go to the funeral, but want someone with Esther let me know. I can make arrangements to be there if it would help. I look forward to talking with you again soon and continue to pray that your beautiful angel will stay safe and continue to get better.