Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plantar Fasciitis - ouch!

It's nice to have sisters who know a lot!  Lisa, my closest sister in age, is a licensed massage therapist and after reading my blog, she commented that she thought I had Plantar Fasciitis - and gave me this link -

Well, that hit the nail on the head - the described symptoms are axactly what I have been dealing with this last month.  Thanks Lisa!  So now I have done one of the recommended stretches, then iced it for 20 minutes or so (probably longer as I lost track of time) and now have my  foot up while I do some catch-up on computer stuff while pumping (Esther's taking a nice little nap).

The doctors just came by for rounds, and it is looking likely that she will get to go home tomorrow.  She's doing well over-all - just still battling sinus congestion, but I've got a home suction device that works just like what we are using here in the hospital.

So here's an update on what's happened since yesterday morning - they wanted to go on her normal at-home routine with me controlling her feeds and medications (they bring the meds to me).  She did have some problems with throwing up yesterday, but that was due to some overly aggressive suctioning with a catheter that triggered her gaggin reflex.  And then with her next feeding, I tried putting her on her left side as she's been on her right side almost 24/7 since last week as her IV was on the left side when she was in St Joe's, and she desatted (her O2 levels kept dropping into the 70% range) on her left side the first night here due to her right side being so stuffed up (the stuffiness would start to move into her left side and block both sides).  Well, on her left side, she threw up and I come to find out that babies with reflux problems tend to throw up if they are on there left side during or after feeding!  Good thing to know!

We not only got a cell phone charger yesterday, but we also got visitors!  The Donnel's came to see Esther (they also visited when she was here in October), and my brother Mark came back bringing his daughter, Vanessa, with him:

Esther even smiled at Vanessa!

She slept well most of the night - she had some trouble with stuffiness and gas at 4 am and was awake for about an hour, but then slept again until 7 am, so I had a decent night's sleep - not good, but I did feel rested this morning.

Her 9 am feed she took her bottle really well, but I think she had some air in her tummy from the all night feeds (I tried to get her to burp and also tried to brind any air out through her tube, but I just couldn't get anything out), so after taking in about 20 ccs, she gagged, burped, and then threw up most of what she had taken in.  After that she calmed down and took another 25 ccs.  She then burped nicely and fell asleep.  She just finished the rest of her 99ccs now while napping.  It's running late as I was having "issues" with the pump they use here for her - it had air in the line and just  was not co-operative - then I noticed that the bag should have been tossed and a new one used as of last night, so I had the nurse bring in a new bag and we got it going just fine then.

Please pray that she will do better at keeping her food down, and that her nasal congestion will go away soon - I just hate having to suction her out every couple of hours as she really hates it.
Oh - and I found a new use for Snap-EZ wetbags - infant visual stimulation:

And if you haven't please sign the petition that I posted about earlier today - this will affect you as it will be a huge hit to our economy in general if all small manufacturers of children's toys and clothing end up going out of business!

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  1. I have been having this pain in the morning!! Thank you! Now I know what it is!

  2. Hi Ruth:
    Thanks for keeping us all up on what is going on with Esther and yourself. She looks good...chubby even!
    I hope and pray that your foot will heal..and that you and Esther can go home soon.
    I'm sure that you miss your family very much, and that they miss you just as much!
    Hope you don't have to drive home in is predicted for possibly Friday or Saturday.
    I am still looking forward to visiting you sometime soon after you get home and settled in.
    take care, love, Mary

  3. Hello Ruth,
    I've caught up with you in the past couple days. I've not spent much time on the computer or anywhere for that matter. I guess I can say this...I can sympathize with your pain and discomfort. Three weeks ago I found out that the pain and discomfort I've been struggling with is Adhesive Capsulitis ( frozen shoulder). I'm spending two days each week at Physical Therapy and that wipes me out for the remainder of the day and the in between days I feel like I'm living with the flu. They say it could take months to get my mobility back and that it's possible it might not all come back :+( Like you I'd prefer to not have to deal with the difficulties that are coming my way but I remind myself that at least I have the Prince of Peace to give me the comfort I need in these challenging moments. Knowing he's in charge gives me a comfort I'd find nowhere else. I pray that as you continue to walk this valley of challenge that our Prince of Peace will be with you. May the Lord grant Esther renewed health and you continue wisdom and strength as you work with her, your other children and your business.
    Blessings, Laura