Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Revisited

I know it's Christmas Season, but due to Esther's appt in Seattle and her being re-admitted unexpectedly soon after, I never got to post about our Thanksgiving celebration.

We have a tradition in our family of taking a few minutes before the meal to give thanks to God.  We place 5 kernels of corn (popcorn works) on each plate.  These 5 kernels of corn represent what the pilgrims had as their ration each day though the second winter in Plymouth.  Just imagine, surviving through a hard winter, a spring full of toiling to break new ground and build new homes, and a summer of tending the gardens and hunting on just 5 kernels of corn a day.  I'm sure during the late spring and summer they added much to that through berries and hunting, but that winter must have been so difficult!

We pass a turkey shaped basket around the table and each person says something they are thankful for as they drop each kernel into the basket.  We had some definite themes this year - our new home, Esther home from the hospital, jobs, mom's business, etc.  We have much to be thankful for this year, that's for sure!

Our Thanksgiving usually started at least a week before the actual day - we have been using the ThanksLiving box from Family Life Today.  This isn't available any longer, but it's  a great tool to bring the story of the first Thanksgiving celebration alive to the children through daily readings and activities. We weren't able to do this ahead of time this year, but Jessica started reading out of the Mayflower series to the kids just after Esther was born, so they had been reading about that first year in Plymouth for over a month already!

After our Thanksgiving meal, consisting of Turkey breast roast (I needed things to be simpler this year for some reason), home made mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and potato rolls (each of the older kids made one part of the meal, and I did the Turkey), it was clean up and game time!  We played  phase 10 and then Risk - that kicked off a whole weekend of playing Risk.

We also enjoyed having Jessica's friend spend a few days with us. She hasn't been able to celebrate Thanksgiving for a long time as they moved away from friend and family a while ago. She is the only child still at home with parents, so I think she was a little overwhelmed with all the commotion and noise around the table, but I also think she really enjoyed it! Thanks for helping with the gravy!

So what was I thankful for?  My five things were:

1) Salvation through Jesus Christ

2) The perfect husband for me

3)  That Esther was home and doing well

4) 11 wonderful children

5) Our new home

And right now I'm so thankful that Esther is doing so well and most likely coming home today!

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  1. Esther sure looks like she feeling better in that pic. Hope you get to come home before the "snow storm" hits. I am in a bit of denial that we are going to get one. Hopefully it's not as bad as everyone is telling me. Praying for safe driving conditions for you guys.