Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update on Puppies

No, there wasn't a 6th puppy.

[caption id="attachment_423" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Pride and Prejudice Puppies"]Pride and Prejudice Puppies[/caption]

But all is well with mommy and pups - you can see more pics of these adorable puppies on Jessica's website, Shakespeare Schnauzers -  If you are interested in purchasing one of these wonderful puppies, the contact information is on her site as well!  Oh, and best of all, these puppies will be ready for their new homes by Christmas!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rainy Days, Guitar Strings, Full House, Anticipation, and Puppies....

We just enjoyed a couple of nice fall days, but now the rain is back.  It was so nice to have the kids outside again today!  I had a terribly busy day, as usual, yesterday (homeschooling in the morning, Bible Study in the afternoon, run errands, then bowling right after dinner!), so I slept in a little (until 7 am), and got a late start.

To my surprise when I came downstairs, most of the kids were doing their school work and their chores!  And Jessica hadn't been down yet either.  Amazing!  Most of the kids have lessons today (music for 3, art for 1), so they were motivated to get their work done early so their could play their favorite video games before leaving for lessons!

I found rather quickly that I am not really up to doing homeschooling (answering questions, helping them understand their math problems, etc), before and during breakfast!  I soon called a family meeting and made a new policy...the children can't do homeschooling before I've had my cup of coffee, my breakfast, my vitamins, and have fed, changed, dressed Esther, unless they can do it without my help entirely!  AND they have to have their chores done first!  So then they were sent back to finish chores while I got myself settled down!

Then I got an update on Jessica...her dog, Juliette had started having puppies at 3 am, and there were 5 - 3 boys and 2 girls.  All healthy, but she was pretty sure that there was one more in there.

Yesterday one of my errands was to get new strings on my guitar!  This week we have started singing a few songs together at the beginning of school, a few we know and learning a few as well.  We are all enjoying this and it's giving me a little practice time everyday on the guitar.  Right now we are working on "Dare to Be A Daniel", and what I call the "Happy Song" (Ho Ho Hosanah, Ha Ha lelujah, He He He He saved me!  I've got the Joy of the Lord!), and a few echo songs...those are the kids favorites.  I'm going to have to find more echo songs!

After school,  we had lunch and they left for lessons (still no puppy yet).  I got some work done, spent time on lots of phone calls working out details on having a young friend coming to stay with us for a while.  and caught up on emails, all the time checking in on Juliette every 30 mintues to see if there was any change in the status of that last puppy....nope!

The kids came home and Jessica left to take the momma and puppies to the vet. No news yet.

So, what's the anticipation in my title about????  Underlying every minute of every day lately is the a current of excitement...counting down the days until Jeremy is back home!  We just found out yesterday that he'll be arriving in Bellingham just before midnight a week from Tuesday!  So much for an welcome home party at the airport!  LOL!  We are so excited to have him home after his deployment of 7 months in Iraq.  He'll be home for almost all of November, and, Lord willing, back for Christmas as well!  We have only had Jeremy home for one holiday in over 4 years!  Yeah!!!

So, there you have it, a somewhat typical day for us!  If you want an update on the puppies, look for me on facebook (search for Snap-EZ)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm on Facebook...

You can find me by searching for "Snap-EZ"!!  Please let me know how you know me, as I'm only approving people I can verify, as I have more personal info there!  If you are a customer, just let me know, or if you follow my blog, just say so when you make a request to be my friend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

God is SOOOO Amazing!

We've had a rough couple of years, some of it good, some of it really trying, and everything intense and exhausting.  In the last 2 years we've gone through our van breaking down and not having the funds to replace the engine, building a new home, painting that home, moving into that home, trying to sell the old mobile home, a difficult pregnancy, 4 weeks on bed rest, a life threatening birth, and new baby with a heart defect, adjusting to the idea of having a child with Trisomy 21 (she's really a wonderful, easy baby...but it was an adjustment to us mentally),   5 weeks with Esther in the hospital, 5 weeks at home with a seriously ill, fragile baby, 5 more weeks in the hospital, having our baby go through open heart surgery, my oldest son going to Iraq, our economy tanking and effecting our home business,  landscaping our front lawn, hosting our biggest birthday party ever, camping with bronchitis/sinus infection,  a business trip to Vegas, and homeschooling through it all.

Through it all, God has graciously met our needs or enabled to make due with what we have.  This process has been difficult but good for us all.  We have been learning so much through the process, especially about keeping priorities straight.  We have received so much from His hand this year and always just when we've needed it.  Here's a breif list of some of the many things that God orchestrated in our lives in the past 2 years:

*We decided to change banks for financing our new house with in days of the first bank going bankrupt, yet we were able to get the money back that we gave them for an appraisal that had not been completed

*Getting our station wagon running just a week before the van's engine dying

*We picked the first builder that was recommended to us and he was just what we needed

*Friends who came alongside to help paint our house when I had sprained my knee

*Having all the EMTs already here when Esther was born (they were called for me), so my midwife was able to get the help she needed to keep me and Esther alive and transport Esther so quickly!

*More people than I could ever count praying for Esther and our family last fall/winter, sending emails of encouragement, phone calls when I really needed them, meals for our family, child care just when needed most, money to cover traveling expenses from out of no-where,

*Finding a wonderful truck with exactly what we had left of our tax return - exactly what we needed!

*Our two vehicles continuing to run well in spite of both having over 200,000 miles on them!

There are so many things God has done for us, that I could spend all day doing this and still find more things to be thankful for.  I'm sure you can too! are probably wondering why I am blogging about this now - it's not Thanksgiving yet (and I'm not Canadian, hehe )!

Well, God has shocked my socks off once again!!!!  Our station wagon has been spewing water and oil the last few weeks, the heater fan stopped working a few months ago and with the weather turning cold, this is beginning to be a problem!  It also has over 240,000 miles on it,  so we were starting to wonder what in the world we would do if it completely broke down (our finances have been tight the last few months to put it mildly).  I tried not to worry about it, praying daily that God would meet our needs (knowing that it wasn't a "need" yet, so I kept reminding myself not to worry about it).

Then, seemingly out of the blue, we now have a 12 passenger van!  FREE!  Yes, FREE!  A family we've known through Bible Quizzing no longer needed theirs as their family is shrinking (children moving out of their home), and they couldn't seem to sell it, so they decided to give it to whomever they found that needed one.  They mentioned this and Jason heard about it, told me about it and now, just 5 days later, we have a white 1994 GMC 12 passenger van in our driveway, just waiting for tabs/licensing!  Completely a gift!!!  Is that amazing or what!!  It may have over 200,000 miles on it, but Daryl says it runs great, starts right away, and the exhaust looks clean!  The only stipulation is that we give it away when we no longer need it!  I'm still in shock!  As soon as I'm well enough to get up and out, I'll get the licensing done and we can all ride together to church on Sunday for the first time in 2 years!

[caption id="attachment_396" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Here's the new van!"]Here's the new van![/caption]

I haven't looked at it closely, or inside (I'm sick with something, just not sure what yet, but going outside sounds like too much work), but Daryl says the inside is blue, in good  condition (well used, but clean) - amazing isn't it!

May the Lord richly bless the Forbes family for blessing us in this way!

Praise The Lord, His mercies are everlasting!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Ever Short Sale, Plus Car Project Photos!!

If you want to know what is on sale for this "Short Sale" - you need to sign up to follow my twitter - go to and find me by searching for @SnapEZLady  (be sure to use the right capital letters).  If you haven't used twitter yet, you'll need to set up your own account, but it's free and very easy!!

If you just can't figure out how to use twitter, you can email me and I'll send you the info!

Hope your week is going better than mine - I had head/chest cold symptoms yesterday afternoon and didn't sleep well last night and this morning I'm so tired, my back is achy, and my stomach didn't like breakfast very much...I'm staying away from Esther as much as possible right now to be on the safe side!

Last night, when I arrived home from an errand, this is what I saw on the way down our driveway -

[caption id="attachment_387" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Daryl and his Daughters at work removing the engine!"]Daryl and his Daughters at work removing the engine![/caption]

When Daryl came home, he asked the kids to help him on a quick, "rip it out, take it apart" project on his Fiero - he got lots of help, and as you can see here, his daughters were all out there ready to get dirty with Dad, isn't that awesome?

And here's our Birthday Boy (Jason was welcomed into our family 21 years ago today!) last month:

[caption id="attachment_388" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Here's our son, Jason, proudly exibiting his car at a local car show - we were so proud to have a son have his car in a car show!"]Here's our son, Jason, proudly exibiting his car at a local car show - we were so proud to have a son have his car in a car show![/caption]

Jason entered his car as a work in progress - he just rebuild the engine in his 1973 Camaro (something Daryl hasn't even done before!!), and put a really cool looking fuel injection system in it as well.  Now that's a fun car!  Good job and Happy Birthday Jason!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finally, Blog Contest Winner!

And the winner is........drum roll please.....

Kathleen G!  I am not surprised at all as she left a ton of comments!

(I used the Super Cool Random Number Generator to determine the winner!)

Thanks to all of you who left such great comments over the last month!  I have really enjoyed hearing from all of you - please don't stop....and if you ask nicely, I might do another contest!

Oh - and don't forget that I'll be drawing the winner of my twitter contest next week!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

Monday's can be so difficult - we seem  to always get behind on Sunday - we go to church, leaving a hurricane in our wake of getting ready for church, we come home, have lunch, take a nap, have dinner, and then go to church again.

Anyone have good Monday's???

Our Monday's usually go better once chores are behind us, but getting to that point sometimes can be really tough!!

Esther's doing fine - there's some redness around the "excavation site", but I'm not convinced it's infected...yet!

AND I haven't forgotten about the blog comment contest, it's just that last week definitely did no go as I have planned!

I have put it on my calendar to announce the winner of that contest on Wednesday, as today and tomorrow are insanely busy for me!

See you here Wednesday!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Esther's home and doing well!

They were able to take care of her pyogenic granuloma in the office at Children's (Bellevue) today!   She didn't appreciate the procedure, but it went well, and didn't even take very long!

They will be testing what they removed to see if it is malignant, but they assured me that these are almost always benign.  The post-op instruction seem to be easy enough, but I had to sign a release that stated that I understood that there would be scaring and there is a possibility that they will recur - but that isn't really common.  We also have to watch for infection.

Thanks so much for your prayers!  I really didn't think that they would take care of it there, but I was so relieved that they did as it bled so many times in the last few days that I lost wasn't fun being on full alert all the time as you just never knew when she'd start bleeding profusely!