Wednesday, December 24, 2008

That was weird!

Ok, so it's late, I blogged for too long.  So I'm going to get ready for bed, but I realize I did not retreive my laundry from the laundry room when I got back this evening.  That means I wouldn't have any clean pants for tomorrow (I have a few more shirts than pants in order to pack light).  So I head on up to get it, and their I find an empty dryer, my socks and underwear on the counter, but no clothes!  I look through all the washers and dryers, but there is nothing.  I look through the basket underneith the counter...nothing.

I take my underwear and socks and head back to my room, but decide to tell the nurses in case the write over the security tapes every 12 hours, as I put the load in around 2 am.

So instead of going to bed around 11 pm, I have to wait to talk with the security guard.  He is very kind and compassionate and  lets me know he will review the security tapes and let me know as son as he knows anything.  I tell him that I really need some sleep and that I can wait for morning to hear if he found anything.

So, I have clean underwear and a clean shirt, but how in the world am I going to wash my now, one and only pair of pants?  I'd have to wear my pajamas while it washes, and the laundry facilities are on the other end of the building!  And jeans won't usually dry overnight hanging in the bathroom either!

It might be a simple mistake, but how in the world did all my underwear and socks get left behind and all my clothes are gone when they were washed all together so I wouldn't hog the machines????  If I see some woman wearing my clothes tomorrow, what do I do????  LOL = "hey, those are my clothes, give them to me right now!"  LOL..  This is just so weird!

(heavy sigh)

Merry Christmas to all....and to all a good night!

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