Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This will be short and sweet.  Very little happened today.  We all had breakfast together at The House, and then we tidied the room, and then I left with Jessica for a quiet morning with Esther.  Then my breakfast attacked me, and I took some pepsid and a long nap.  My stomach was better, but not good.  Then Jessica swapped places with Daryl, and we had lunch together.  To be nice to my stomach, my lunch was not the Christmas dinner, but vanilla yogurt, toast with butter, and vanilla pudding.  Boring, but nice to my sore stomach.

We spent the afternoon quietly watching TV while I cuddled with Esther.  Then Santa stopped by, and we got a cute stuffed puppy and a photo with Santa - it's actually a really cute photo as Esther is really staring at Santa!  It's a poloroid, so I can't share it, sorry.

Then Esther was sucking on her lips so much and with such energy, we decided to let her do some binky training - she loved it! They had 10 ccs (1/3 oz) in the first syringe, and when that was done, she got really ticked - and she took in all but .5 ccs of the second syringe and then was very satified - you know, the little grunting breaths that babies do when their tummy's full (daddies have been known to do this after Christmas dinner too!).

Then we to take her to dinner with us, and back to her room.  She fell asleep when we were almost to her room and is now resting peacefully!

Merry Christmas!

God Bless Us, every One!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Praying for Esther and your family on Monday, that she will recover from the ear infection and that you can juggle all of your other daily obligations and chores in with being in Seattle. I loved all the pics of your time at "the house", what a blessing, right? If there is anything you need I can bring it there on the 31st when we go for an MRI. Let me know. Take care and God bless.