Saturday, December 13, 2008

We are settled once again...

at St Joseph's Hospital.  We went to ER and they basically just did a quick evaluation on her and we waited for the peds to say they were ready.  When ER called up to the peds floor and described a "2 mo downs syndrome baby with VSD and ASD with signs up heart failure" (or something like that) their reply was "is this Esther?".  The ER nurse didn't know Esther and said she'd check - you know you've been in the hospital too long when they know your child by their medical description!

We have the same nurse that we had our first day at St Joes last week, but we have a different room.  Esther had continued to cough and was very fussy and cried easily while we were getting to our room and while things were getting settled in.  They tried to put an IV in her foot, they did get a blood draw they had needed, but the IV just didn't flush.  So they tried her head again, and it took a while, but in the end they did get the first try there to work. Poor Esther - getting IVs is so hard on her.

Then we went back to the room and she slept soundly after all soundly that she kept having really low oxygen saturation levels and we even had to do some blow by.  Her cough was worse and she started looking just plain bad - really breathing hard, fast, and her head was really bobbing and her nostrils were continuously flaired.  By now I was so glad we brought her in when we did.  Then she got her IV dose of Lasix.

I told the nurse to check back in 20 - 3o minutes to see a new baby.  I told the doctor as well.  Almost exactly 30 minutes later Esther woke up bright eyed and smiling.  She was talking and just busting with smiles.  I called the nurse in and she was amazed.  So she had the doctor come in, and he too was completely amazed as the transformation that IV Lasix did for our sweet little Esther!  She was lively for about 40 minutes and is now sleeping peacefully.

She's got a little extra movement to her breathing yet, but  she isn't working as hard anymore.  I'm glad we are here now, and Esther will be staying here for now.

Monday her Cardiologist, Dr Kemna, will be presenting her to the surgeons and then we'll know when she'll be having surgery.  I believe that unless something changes, she'll remain here at St Joseph's until her surgery as they can continue to give her the meds she needs to remain stable.  At least that's now it looks from here.

We also got the good news that Esther's pediatrician is on call tonight, so we might get to see her.  I hope so, I so like Monica - she's so good with Esther and takes her time to make sure Esther's getting all the help she needs.

I took time and made up her bed so it's nice a cosey - a quilt she got here at St Joes while she was in the special care nursery, the blanket I crocheted for her, her giraffe and toucan from Children's, and her soft velour blankets.

I think I could use a nap as well - as soon as I'm done pumping (I'm multi tasking, you know), then I'll make up her bottles and try to take a nap (I slept from 11:30 - 2 am, and then from 4:30 - 6 am and then today was not exactly relaxing and stress free, if you know what I mean!).

Please pray the Esther will stabilize and that the surgeons will have wisdom in scheduling her surgery.  Also pray for my kids, especially Jessica, and my dear husband as they continue to have to keep things going at home without me.  And that I have a good night's sleep tonight!

Thanks for all your words of encouragement today and your prayers through all these long weeks!


  1. Its Ruby's Mom at Children's.. You got your Birthday wish...for one day! Ruby and I are praying for Esther and your family. We hope that things go smoothly and that Esther responds well to whatever treatment is needed. We may see you again this week. This time lunch is on me. Thank you again.

  2. Bumer to be back in the hospital. At least you are close to home & know what the next plan of action is. We pray that you will be able to wait things out at St. Joe's with little complication and that you are able to get a surgery date soon.

  3. So glad she is where she can get the help she needs to stay comfortable.
    Is that the purple blanket I gave her in the picture? : )
    It was good talking to you over the phone. Hopefully we will be able to see each other when we come up. We should be able to figure out something....all depends on where you are then and what the weather looks like.
    I love you sis'

  4. glad to hear that for the moment things are peaceful for Esther. Trusting the Lord to provide you with the rest you need and a continuation of the peace that He has thus far granted.