Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I got to hold her!

She is uncomfortable when she is moved, but soon settles in.  She had a great awake period after I held her, but I was so exhausted, I just had to sleep, so she got some daddy time instead.

Here we are all together:

Getting her into my arms is a three ring circus - she has more lines that you could ever imagine!!

And here she is during her super awake time - she was evenbatting at her Lady Bug toy from Auntie Lisa!

We found out today that our propane tank is empty - the kids came home to a cold house, could water, and Daryl's shop smelled like propane - that 500 gallon tank was topped off in October, so we are thinking that something went wrong with the heater in he shop and it drained the tank. This is very upsettiing as it is a fire hazard and that is hundreds of dollars of propane gone. This month has not been easy on our finances, and December is notorious for being slow in the cloth diaper market...and thei year was definitely no exception.

I'm not sure how we are going to make ends meet over the next couple of weeks, but I know God will provide.


  1. That little pucker on her face is so cute. I like the one of the three of you. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about the propane and all, Ouch. We have a 300 gallon tank and also had it filled in October and had to have it filled just before the big chill/storms arrived. Where in the world does it all go? We found out this morning that our youngest daughter( 18yrs), Joleen, has to have her gallbladder removed on Friday. She was suppose to head back to school on Saturday. But instead she'll be in recovery mode. So...she'll be missing at least her first week or two of classes and we'll have more expenses to get her back as well. So we hear you when you voice the financial concerns. Sometimes it feels like we move from one "crises" to the other. It's certainly in these times that we only have the sovereign plan of God to lean on isn't it.

    So good to hear how well Esther is doing, will continue trust and pray that the Lord brings a speedy recovery.


  2. So glad Esther is feeling well today! And that is terrible about the propane. Praying for you guys.

  3. Hi,so glad to hear how great she is doing,she looks AMAZING!!!You would never know she just had open heart surgery!Except for of course all the lines etc.=)I am so happy for you that you can finally hold her!Well we will be there Monday if you go home then,we only have 2 extra seats though,will Daryl still be there?I bet yuu get to go home before that anyway=)sorry about the propane,Im grateful no one was hurt,I also know the financial hardship and yuou really dont need to be worry about that on top of everything else right now!!! I will pray!Cara

  4. My heart is full of joy, along with you, at how God has worked in Esther's life! It meant so much to receive your call about her getting through surgery successfully just before we walked out the door to go to Uncle Vern's memorial. The whole family rejoiced! And to see that she is doing so well in her recovery is blessing upon blessing! I'm sure she senses, as I do now in the loss of Uncle Vern, Jesus' arms wrapped around her like she is cradled in the softest cotton. The celebration of Uncle Vern's life and "Homegoing" was beautiful. It truly glorified our Lord and honored Uncle Vern. Knowing he is in the presence of Jesus and so many members of his family who he missed so much, I can't be anything but delighted for him! I'm sorry the scheduling didn't work out for you to be there, as I know how important it was to you, but we know you were there in spirit and to us that is huge.
    Let me know when Esther will be released and maybe we can work out the ride home business. We continue to pray for all of you . Much love and blessings!