Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You know you've been gone too long when....

you walk in the door of your home and your 2 year old looks up, gets a confused look on her face and says, "Mommy, are you home???" - like she's wondering if she's dreaming or something!

This happened a week ago last Friday when I came home unexpectedly.  The funny thing is, once I said, "Yes, honey, I'm home" she went right back to playing!

Here's  a photo of her taken last month after Jessica did a "make over" - curled her hair and put some make-up on her and did a little photo shoot!  She really enjoyed all the attention, that's for sure:

Is she a ham for the camera or what???


  1. ahhh she is too cute! I always see her playing in the dirt but she is a beautiful little lady too!

  2. Hi,I love all your pictures!HOw are your other children holding up?Are the doctor's talking aobut surgery now,or are they just trying to stabilize her then surgery later?So sorry your still there,hope you get some visitor's this week!CAra