Monday, October 6, 2008

It doesn't take much...

Esther's day started out well - she got in 30 cc's in her first feeding, and 21 in the next.  Then she became very sleepy, needed additional oxygen, breathing faster and struggling to breathe.  We had just met the pediatrician and he was concerned about her breathing - she was making squeeking/whistling noises, flaring her nostrils and breathing at over 100 breaths per minute.

Then Esther's first cousin once removed, Joni (better known in the nursery as the "Booger Queen") came to the rescue - after saline drops, suctioning, and then some treasure hunting with a Q-tip, she was able to remove some treasures from Esther's nose and soon Esther was breathing much better and her oxygen levels went back to where they have been!  Yeah!  I had visions of pneumonia, aspirated milk and things like that!  I'm so pleased, relieved that it was so easily solved!  Thanks Joni!

Another small victory today was that after her last feeding, I was able to position her tummy against my chest and her breathing was easy and her oxygen levels the best they had been all day - we snuggled like that for over an hour - mommy heaven!

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