Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monday it is

Our doctor was willing to have Esther go home, but preferred Monday.  He said that if they could arrange getting the feeding pump I'll be using at home here today, then we could go home tomorrow, but weekends just don't work that way.

So it looks like once we get ahold of the pump or arrange to meet the home pump providers (it is in Bellingham) then we can go home (after paper work of course).

I got to spend the day with Daryl today - what a treat - we didn't do much, but just enjoyed being together.

He told me about the great giraffes above the giraffe entrance (I hadn't noticed them:

I also finally got a photo of the great elephant sculptures just inside the giraffe entrance:

Daryl and I also went up to the neighborhood market in search of a car magazine.  I called my sister-in-law as we left to see when she was coming to visit, and found out she was almost here - so she picked us up in front of the hospital (honestly it was like we planned it - we walked down to the street and she was like the third car to come by!), and we all went there.  It was an impressive little market, but none of the car magazines had "rod" in the title, so that was a bust, but we did find several flavors of Lind Chocolates, so we grabbed a bunch and headed back to the hospital.

Here's a great pic of Aunt Denise getting to know Esther (she gets a frequent visitor award down her in Seattle, by the way, tied with my brother Mark!).

We tried to go see a movie, but couldn't find the theater fast enough, so we just walked through Bellevue Square and ate out at Red Robin - we shared a milkshake, a half serving of the deep fried cheese sticks, and we also split a terriaki burger - just enough for both of us!

Daryl also brought Esther's car seat along, so I can test to see how she does in it with her monitor on - finding the right position to keep her "happy" on the trip home!

That's all that happened this day!  Hopefully, 48 hours from now, I'll be blogging from my home!


  1. Wow! Can you believe HOME is in the conversations? What a long road it's been! Your blog has been so good to keep up with and see how you are all doing. You have been in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to be.

  2. Dear Ruth,Esther is SUCH a darling baby!!!!It is so fitting that she wqould go home today,it is Kaden's birthday,he is 6!!!All of you will be in our prayer's,let me know if you need anything,or just need encouragement from another mommy with an 'EXTRA special one!!!Do you feel confident about placing her tube if you need to?I will come assist if need be,ok?,Bless you as you begin this journey,I'm so thrilled that you are ging home,and still remember how good it felt to finally come home,shower in my shower,sleep in my bed,with my husband,eat with my children etc.etc.the list goes on of all that we sometimes take for granit that you won't anymore!Bless You,Cara

  3. Hi Ruth!
    Praise God that baby Esther gets to go home! My kiddos will be excited, we have been praying for you gals every evening before bed and at meals, and I have showed them the pictures of Esther you have here in the blog.
    As I have read the past couple days I feel like crying (I had to catch up, Lily has been running fever since Thursday and we finally saw tha Dr today. Hopefully she will be better soon!) because our God is such an awesome God and that Esther is doing so well. You will do great at home mama!
    Let us know down here in Texas is there is anything we can do for you! (send a "Somebody in Texas loves me" shirt or something at least, right?)

    In Christ,
    Holly Westbrook