Friday, October 3, 2008

"What can I do to help?"

I've had this asked a lot lately, and it's so hard at times to even think clearly enough as to what our needs are, that I can't answer that question.

I was talking to someone this week, and they said - if you need that, post is on your blog!  Someone would love to help you out!

So, I'm going to try it tonight:

I am getting meals free from the cafeteria, and mostly they are good meals, but they are lacking in one things that I really need - fresh fruits and vegetables.  I can get fresh fruit from the kitchen just across the hall, but not the salads - so if anyone is interested in helping me get a salad  once in a while, I've love it (I'm actually addicted to McDonald's Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad!)!  I'm eating a chef salad right now that was brought to me this week and it tastes soooo good!  I'm not even picky - just nothing spicy for Esther's sake!

One other "little" thing - the water in the hospital is filtered, but it smells so strongly of chlorine, I just can't drink it anymore.  I was able to pick up 2 gallons of spring water from the grocery store today, so I'm set for for a few days (to keep up my milk supply I try to drink 2 quarts or more per day), but then I'll be needing more by Monday - I really prefer "spring water" as most other bottled water is just purified city water, but spring water is really so much better.

And if someone wants to really spoil me, I'll take a Frozen Peanut Butter Mocha (with whip cream) from Cruizin Coffee!  LOL!!

If you can help me by supplying either of these, please contact me somehow (you can post here, and leave your phone number (I won't put it on the blog), or you can email me (check my "contact us" page on my website), or if you have our home phone number you can call that and ask for my cell phone number) to work out the timing (I spend half my time either pumping or feeding Esther) and you'll probably even get to see both of us!

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