Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Quick Update

Since Esther went to "the floor" I was unable to find the time to update my blog!  On the floor, Esther's nurse was responsible for several patients, so I rarely left her except for meals, and much of the time I was holding her and caring for her (as well as still pumping for her).

So, you may ask, how did I find time to post now?  Well, there are several reasons.   First of all, I am not in the hospital right now.  We got a room at the Ronald McDonald House Friday!  So for the first time in 4 weeks, we are together as a family (with the exception of our two oldest boys)!  Last night I even got to spend the night with them.  This is because Esther is no longer on "the floor".  We can stay here until Esther is discharged - the only catch is that only 6 of us can stay overnight, so the rest are staying at Daryl's brother's house.  This means driving out to Mount Lake Terrace every evening, but it's better than being 2 hours away from each other!

Esther started having more difficulty with her CO2 levels when she was on the floor, and starting late Friday, she started having more difficulty breathing, and was very uncomfortable all night (I only got about an hour's sleep Friday night because she  was very uncomfortable due to her breathing difficulties and would only relax if I was holding her).

By Saturday morning, it was obvious that she had gone into heart failure again.  So she was transferred back up to NICU so they could concentrate on getting her back on top of thing.  The doctors are saying she'll be in  NICU for at least a couple of days.  They believe she went back into heart failure because they reduced the Lasix too quicky, so they will be more conservative this time around.

We are going to go to church at Seattle CRC this morning - the church Daryl and I  grew up in.  It will be the first time I've been able to attend church since the middle of August!  I believe this is the longest I've ever gone without attending church.

I've got to run, but I'll try to post again soon, as I have some photos I want share, but I've got to get over the hospital and spend some time with Esther before we leave for church!

Please pray that they can find the right combination of meds to stabilize her enough to get her on room air so we can take her home soon!

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