Sunday, October 12, 2008

24 days

Nothing new to report this morning, just that Esther is still doing well - her respiratory rate is now averaging 60 - 80, but at times will stay in the 40 - 50 range!

Yesterday afternoon Esther and I got a visit from Grandma Vinup and Uncle Tom - we had a nice long visit too!  They both got to hold her and she even got a bath last night - bubbles and everything!

Here's "Graeme's Spa Treatment" (the name's gaelic - I love the name!):

And I believe in this photo, she's telling us how much she loves to take a bath - "I love a bath This Much!"

She loves having a bath so much, it makes it fun for me too!

And then after she's so awake and loves to spend time watching us!

She had a long awake time last night - it was so nice to be with her while she was awake again (she really didn't have much awake time on Saturday, and on Sunday she only had an awake time early in the morning.

I'm really short on sleep, so today I am really looking forward to Esther getting her own room where I can have my own bed right next to her - maybe we can even spend some great time resting in bed together, all cuddled up! I can hope!

I'll try to post again today after the morning meeting with the doctors, especially if there's anything new to report!

Have a great day today!


  1. Dear Ruth,I am so sorry to hear of everything that you and Esther have been through the past few day's!!!I hadn't had a chance to check your blog in a few day's so I had no idea until Jennifer told me last night!I don't know what to say but that we have been there and the Lord is still in complete control no matter what it may look like!Or feel like:)I recongnize all your pictures of the hospitol and my heart just aches for you both and the rest of your family!I know your in the right place,the BEST place,but it is still awful!I remember the "cave" all to well,and believe it or not KLay and I slept in that be together a few times!Let me know if you need anything,you will both be in our prayer's,wish I could visit but I dont think I can get away for that long without any kid's!!!I did encourage some ladies last night to visit if they could because it does help soooo much!Bless you!cara

  2. Ruth, She looks so wonderful in her new setting! I can see that the move to Children's was good for both of you. She is just adorable! I will continue to pray for her health to improve so that she can come home soon.

    You are doing a wonderful job providing for her!

  3. Hi Sis'
    Love the pictures...isn't that hospital amazing...I can still remember being in there as a little girl. It is so much better now, but was always a wonderful place for children.
    I loved being there when I did my massage intern too. I gave massages to the doctor's and nurses and I felt like I was giving back after all the care I had received there as a child.
    I wish I could see you...I love you and miss you!! ♥ Lisa
    I love you and keep you in my prayers