Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three weeks old today!

We celebrated Esther's 2 week birthday by having our first full day at Children's Hospital.  Not much has happened this afternoon.  Esther had a visit from her Aunt Denise (both Daryl and I grew up in Seattle, and we both have one brother still living in the area).
Here's Esther in her new bed:

In order to mimic a 3 week old's behavoir to increase milk supply, I'm now on an every 2 hours pumping schedule, plus I am trying to hold Esther as much as I can and also doing some skin to skin time with her too.  So that leaves very little time for anything else (I've managed to get dinner, use the bathroom, and make a couple of phone calls in the last 5 hours!).
Here's Esther's new feeding system:

Right now I have my laptop balanced on an empty garbage can next to my recliner (it's "safe" - the cleaning staff just put a new bag in it!), my feet are up on an office chair, and Esther is happily asleep in my lap on a pillow.  I just finished a very delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and a Snapple Raspberry Tea -this is as good as it gets for me these days! Here's my view of sweet Esther right now:

Please pray that she will continue to respond well to the Lasix ans that the doctors will figure out what needs to be done for her so we can bring her home soon.
And here's one photo of this colorful hospital - the elevators I take all the time:

You can's see it but the cat tails are 3 D - the are made out of wood, I believe!   And you can see a train above the elevators - we are in the "Train" zone - there's also a giraffe and whale zone!

I'll get more photos tomorrow of some of the beautiful and creative decorations around here!


  1. She is SO beautiful! I am so thankful to God that you are able to work out being there with her 24/7. What a blessing!

    The hospital sounds/looks amazing. I googled it just out of curiosity and found they have a website with virtual tours (though not as good as your pics, LOL, Esther is the best thing to see there right now!):

    (((Hugs))) Steph

  2. Good morning Ruth and Esther. Ruth, she is such a beautiful baby!! I'm so glad your able to hold her now, that will help her get better too.
    I'm sorry you have to stay in Seattle now, but it's a very good hospital and they will take excellent care of little Esther. My nephew was there for a while. Wonderful people so lean on them whenever you need to.
    I wish there was more I could do to help you. If there is anything, let me know.

    Keep getting better and stronger,
    God bless,