Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sleep is so important!

I feel so good today!  I got 5 whole hours sleep last night - 2 hours, then 3 hours.  It might not sound like much, but when added to the 2 hours deep nap I got yesterday, I feel better than I've felt in a long time!

I found a photo I took with my blackberry last Saturday of my little ones checking out the awesome fish tank in the cafeteria - all of us were enthralled by the beautiful and interesting fish in this tank - they are all so large!

Last night I was cuddling with Esther, and a nurse came through and just loved how we looked together - she got the hospital camera and took a photo and printed it out for me, as well as used my camera - I think it turned out sweet:

Nothing new to report yet - I'll blog again later today after "rounds" with the staff (I always pictured the doctors making "rounds" by going from room to room to check in with patients, but here, "rounds" are all the staff sitting AROUND a table with laptops and the parent comes out to listen in and ask/answer questions if needed) if there's anything new.

We will probably get to be moved out of NICU and onto the cardiac floor - this means our own room, and I'll move in with her and have my own bed there in the room with her - even our own bathroom/shower!  I'm so excited to be able to be with her 24/7!!!!!


  1. That pic of you and sweet little one is precious! Praying still for you all, Marie

  2. Dear Ruth I hope that Esther is doing fine I hope
    that some day when Esther is home I could see her how have you been? Your family is keep growing how many cars are you going to need?

    Love Joshua