Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time for "The Glad Game"

First, Esther has her worst day ever on Saturday, then, on top of having done something to my left shoulder the middle of last week (painful to lift my arm), I tweak my right shoulder last night - so now it's painful to lift either arm.  Then tonight, I get a phone call from Daryl and Dayton had thrown up all over a couch in the kid's play room, so they got everyone up into the bedroom and Elizabeth throws up all over one of the beds!

At this moment, Daryl and the kids are packed and ready to leave, but they have to wash the bedding before they can leave - problem is, there is only one washing machine that the bedding can be washed in and it was occupied!  So now they have to wait even longer before they can leave for home.

I've decided it's time to play the Polyanna game - "The Glad Game" - to prevent severe depression.  The Glad Game comes from the book and movie "Polyanna" and if you haven't read the book or seen the movie, you should do one of the other - they are sweet and are such a good reminder that even in the darkest of times, if you look you can see things to be glad about!

I'm going to list the good things I can find in the middle of things that are so hard to handle.

Esther going back into ICU - I get more sleep more and I'll have more time to blog - also a BIG GLAD is that if she hadn't been in ICU, the kids would have all spent a lot of time in her room - The kids only got to see Esther for about 2 minutes Friday night!  So Esther and I would have probably gotten what ever it is they have, and this could have been extremely dangerous for Esther! This one is truly another "God Thing" for Esther!

I had been bummed that I wasn't able to spend much time with the kids over the weekend and had looked forward to spending more time with them once Esther was on "the floor" again - now I'm GLAD I didn't because now it's unlikely that   whatever they have!

Poor Jessica and Daryl having to clean up that nasty mess - I'm GLAD I don't have to do it - first time in a long time that  I haven't had to do it!

I have to go back to sleeping in "The Cave" again - I do sleep really well in there as it's soooo dark!

I have to eat my meals alone again - it' easier to clean up, and I don't have to carry my tray all the way to the room (I think that's how I messed up my left shoulder).

I've been away from home for over 4 weeks now, and I haven't attended our church in over 9 weeks (bed rest for 5 weeks before Esther was born) - we did get to attend the church Daryl and I grew up in and got to see loved ones we haven't seen in years!

The kids leaving again - I won't be torn between spending time with then and time with Esther.

That didn't seem to help much, but it sure helped me to see how God planned things to protect Esther!

Please pray that neither I nor Esther get this bug, and that none of the other kids get it either, for Jessica and Daryl's sake if nothing else!

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  1. Hi Ruth and Esther ~

    Just stopped by to check in on how you are doing . . . I know this has been a long season for you. Your sweet little treasure is darling ! We are so thankful that the Lord has undertaken to bless you with a home away from home for the family. May you be refreshed today as you think upon His endless mercies that are new every morning !

    Prayerfully ~ Katie