Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Room with a View!

We had a busy day!  We got to move onto the "floor".  This means I can stay with Esther 24/7 (well I have to go to the cafeteria to get my meals), and best of all, we have a window!!

I believe she'll be in this room until she's discharged, most likely this weekend!

This afternoon, her nasal cannula (the tubing that gives her oxygen) and feeding tube tape was almost off of one side of her cheek, and then she loaded her diaper and shot it all the way to her arm pits, so she got a bath and the nurse removed her nasal cannula and re-taped her feeding tube.  Then we watched Esther as she was on room air (no oxygen added) to see how she would do (the doctors wanted this done today to see if she was ready to be weaned off the oxygen).

Here's Esther with a "bare cheek"!

We did this a couple of times last week before we came to Children's, but she always failed very quickly.  Today, she held her oxygen level great for 45 minutes and then was really sound asleep and her oxygen was staying in the 80s, so a new, smaller, cannula was put on and she's been resting peacefully ever since.

Esther also got "wedge" from the occupational therapist - this helps Esther to not reflux (spitting up without it actually coming out) - we call it her throne!

This "wedge" will go home with Esther and it was custom made just for her!  She even has a little wedge for changing her diapers!

Tomorrow on "rounds" I'll be finding out what "the plan" is for her time here as far as preparing both Esther and I for going home!

Prayer needs - Strength for Esther to get off oxygen, that her neighbor will be able to go to sleep (he has a very sore finger and he's just a little guy), and that I can get more sleep - I'm really getting tired (the most sleep I've had in one night is something like 6 hours and I'm definitely not 20 something anymore!).


  1. Ruth,
    I'm so excited for you and Esther! The new room looks like a breath of fresh air! I remember when my little one was in the hosp. needing to take a break and search for a window to see trees and sky, our window view was the side of a building:(

    I'm so excited that you both will be going home soon!
    Praying for sleep for you! and can totally relate to not being 20 something anymore!

  2. So glad you get to room with your baby now. It's great being able to see all the pictures and read how things are going. Have you been in touch with anyone from "first church"? I Love you!