Thursday, September 25, 2008

Progress and Setbacks

Esther is doing better in some areas, but having a few setbacks in others today.

I got a wonderful picture of her during her wide awake time early this morning - she only opens her eyes nice like this when the lights are low, so the picture is a little grainy, but I just love how she's just locked  on to looking at me (I was holding the camera away from my face so she's stay looking at me)

She's been off the biliruben lights for nearly a day now, and her numbers this morning looked good still - so she doesn't have to have them again yet.  So that's good.

She's also had her feeds increased from 10 cc, to 24 in 3 cc increments each feeding.  She's doing well with the feeds - no gas, no spitting up, digesting it all between feedings.  She didn't successfully breast feed last night, but she tried and we were able to easily get her full feeding finished with the bottle.

I stayed here overnight, so I could help her at her feedings, try to breast feed if possible, and I slept in the camping room and I actually slept quite well!

She also pooped in her diaper after taking 2 days off from that activity - they were just beginning to worry about that one, but she put their worries to rest.

Her set backs are that her oxygen levels go down during and after her feedings.  She starts breathing shallow and quick.  We gave her some blow by halfway through her 6 am feeding and that allowed her to finish her bottle.  But she was hovering around 90% (they want her above 96%)  nearly all morning with very rapid breathing at times (she's usually around 50 - 60 breaths per minute, but she was hitting 90 - 100 at times.

She just had her 9 am feed via her feeding tube as she was sleeping soundly and still had low oxygen levels and they didn't want to stress her. While she was getting her feeding, she dropped down into the 80s again, so she's got blow by going in her isolette - it's brought it up to 97, but her respiratory rate is high again, off and on.

We are thinking that with her tummy full, she's having to work harder abdominally - hopefully.

I got my blood tests back and I'll be going on prescription iron as my count is really low.  I'm feeling better for the most part, but my feet are really swollen and I've got a bad headache since early this morning - Daryl's bringing down my blood pressure cuff so I can see if this is a blood pressure headache - feels like it to me.

So, here's today's prayer needs:

Esther - that she can maintain the higher feeding levels, and get back on track with her oxygen levels and not need the blow by.  That her biliruben levels will continue to drop to normal (any elevation causes babies to be tired and it might help everything).

Myself - that this headache will go away, the swelling in my feet will go down,  and that I can get more rest between feedings.

And I just want to say that I feel so surrounded by love and prayers - it really helps especially when I'm tired and feeling a little lonely.


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL! I heard about the birth from Talia (Katherin's Mom) and have been praying for you and the family. I can't wait to meet this sweet baby girl!

  2. Hi Ruth, First off, congratulations on your beautiful daughter! I have a son with Down syndrome and came across your blog while doing some research. The pictures in the NICU brought back memories of our own time there, which you . can see here There are a lot of good forums out there for these first few months (you can find some on the links on my blog).

    Our son is 1, and here he is todayhe is today. He's a very contented little boy who loves his big sister. Just didn't want you to feel too alone in all this.


  3. She is beautiful Ruth! I am following her progress on this blog daily and can't wait to see her again. You are in our prayers.

  4. The picture of Esther is adorable, so wide eyed.

  5. Ruth, Congrats from all! Your little girl is gorgeous! I can't wait to touch her little head and see her in person. Don't forget to eat and drink. When our newborn was in Children's for 2 weeks, I forgot to eat and drink and became quite sick. Take care of yourself so that you can care for her and snuggle and love her. You are a great mom! God has richly blessed you and your family. Hugs!