Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Great night last night!

Yesterday evening was such a great evening - Esther downed her entire feeding all by herself!

It all started with a bath - she wasn't too sure about it, but some of the time she relaxed and enjoyed the warm water -

On the left is the worlds greatest baby nurse - Delores - she's been an angel - I've known her since we first moved into the area as we went to the same church for a few years, plus she's also related to Daryl's sid of the family!  She's been so good with Esther, and she mothers me constantly!

So after her bath we thought she'd be all worn out, but no....she was wide awake and it was feeding time!  She downed her 10 CCs in record time, burped nicely and was still wide awake!  So I was cuddling her, and then she started rooting!  So we thought,"why not see if she'll latch?!" - so we gave it a try and she was so into it - sticking out her toungue, rooting around - better than some of my other newborns!  And after a couple of minutes, she actually latched and nursed for a few minutes!  Praise the Lord!  What a milestone for her and me!

After that she fell sound asleep.

I actually had enough milk from my pumping sessions yesterday that they didn't have to suppliment her feedings at all last night!  Thanks so much for all  your prayers over my milk supply - it's definitely working!

I found out last night that they'll want her taking 2 ounces (about 60 CCs) per feeding before she can go home, so my goal is to be able to pump that much per session as soon as possible - the last few sessions products 25 CCs, so I'm almost halfway there.

I came down to the hospital earlier than usualy this morning as I couldn't sleep after pumpin at 4:30, and was very uncomfortable due to engorgment, so I thought I'd come down and give her the 6 am feeding - she tried to latch, but I was so full it didn't work - but she downed her 10 CCs without even stopping, and went sound asleep!

I did find out this morning that the preliminary blood tests confirmed the down syndrome diagnosis, and later this week we'll know more about what type of trisomy 21 she has (I believe there's 3 types).  She's also doing really well on her weight - she's weighing 7 lbs 10 oz - better than they expected since it took so long to get her on feedings!

Also her biliruben counts were down and she's close to being able to be done with the lights - maybe by tomorrow!  yeah!

One more improvement - she's holding her body temp better - they were able to reduce the heat level in the isolette last night - they said this will continue to improve as her biliruben counts go down!

So a good end of the day yesterday, and today promises to be even better!


  1. Praise the Lord that you were able to nurse Esther! And that your milk has come in. I am praying for it to continue flowing generously and to provide 100% for Esther.

  2. Ruth,
    Glad to hear Esther is doing so well. She is certainly a little miracle from the Lord! Our youngest son has trisomy 21 too, we recieved his results while in the hosp. on bili lights too. Esther looks like a little angel. Thanks for sharing this special time and all the pictures with all of us. I hope she continues to do well so you can take her home so your whole family can enjoy her. Blessings!