Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It IS a great day!

Esther has made great improvements today!   She's currently off the bili lights - they check her stats again tomorrow to make sure they don't go back up again.

She's also successfully done 2 feedings exclusively direct breast feeding with the aid of a shield - this worked so well.  Her last feed she was too sleepy - she suckled, but not enought to bring in my milk, so we finished with a bottle and she downed her 10 cc's in less than a minute - still sucking when the bottle was empty!

Now I get to hold her for as long as I like during and after each feeding - usually I end up having to go to the bathroom and that ends our cuddle fest!

I got this beautiful picture just after her first successful full direct breast feeding session - I think it made her day too!

She slept so peacefully just like that, tummy to tummy with me, for nearly an hour - struggle free breathing and so relaxed - it even put me to sleep - at least I dozed off a little I think!

I'm hoping to talk with the pediatrician yet today (she hasn't even check on Esther yet) to see why they aren' increasing her feeds, as I'm sure she's wanting more than the 10 ccs they are limiting her to.  She has to be at 75 ccs per feeding to get home and that's a lot more the 10 ccs!  I actually got 40 ccs on my last pumping session, so that was really encouragin as well!  Yeah!

Hoping for a great evening and good night too!


  1. Hi Sis,
    Times like this I sure wish I could be there with you. Esther is beautiful. So sweet. I wish I could make it up to see her as I did with the other babies, but now that I am in California I will have to wait until Christmas time to see you all. I love are doing a great job. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. I think you are amazing. Love always, Your sister, Lisa ♥

  2. Ruth,

    Blessed be she nursed!!! I am so glad - even tiny strides are strides! I am praying for you all.

    God Bless,