Monday, September 29, 2008

I hate Yo Yos!

Yo Yo diets, Yo Yo emotions, Yo Yo opinions!

New Pediatrician, new plan - maybe going home isn't so soon after all.  The new pediatrician was not as friendly to the idea of Esther going home sooner and was not at all impressed with the idea of her going home with a feeding tube.  He did however make an exception that if my doctor was willing to do daily check ups it might be a possibility, so there is still a smidgen of hope.

Here's that picture I promised!

Today things have gone well - she's now had two feeds of the 65 cc's that was her goal and they checked before the second feed and only 4 cc's were left in her tummy from the last feeding - that is really encouraging!  She's still only taking around 25 cc's via bottle, but the new techniques I was taught are paying off already and she's doing better at taking little breaks to breath between sucking!  Also she didn't have to have increased oxygen at all during or after this last feeding session.

One other highlight for me today, was that at the last pumping session I got 77 cc's!  That's so much more than any other session!  Good thing too as we've burned through all the extra we had built up from when she was only taking 10 cc's and I was producing more.  I really don't want to introduce formula now as I really think it will rock and boat and won't be as easy on her tummy, so I'm pumping longer to get what she needs, and taking more of the herbal tincture (blessed thistle, fenugreek, alfalfa, fennel and nettle - all grown locally and from Wildroot Botanicals!).

Another great development is that one of the other babies was discharged today, so it also freed up a camping room, so I now have a bed again to sleep on!  Sleeping on the recliner last night was just not all that wonderful - it worked, but I hope I never have to do that again!

I'd like to thank my Uncle Vern and Aunt Marylin  for so generously offering their home to me when I lost the use of the camping room - it was so helpful, restful, and I love sitting up and talking with Aunt Marylin - it helped me to calm down at the end of the day.

The timing of getting the camping room is so great as I really need to work with Esther at every feeding to strengthen her mouth and re-inforce what she's learning as far as sucking rhythm, but sleep is so crucial to my milk production as well.

Off to go get her next dinner ready for her!


  1. What about a daily home visit from a pediatric nurse?? We had one after Christopher was born and needed daily wts and bilirubins checked. She was very thorough and reported directly to our family doctor. Just a thought:)

  2. You are getting some of the sweetest pictures!! As I said with the first picture you posted, she has the Einfeld mouth!

  3. Hi Ruth,we haven't met yet,we just started attending SBCC,but I wanted to tell you that your in our thought's and prayer's!We also have a little one with DS!He will be 6 next month(not so little)he is such a blessing to our family!Esther is so beautiful and I am so excited for you and your family!You mentioned that her new hesitant to send her home with her feeding tube,we took Kaden home with his and successfully used and replaced it when needed for 8 month's,don't let that be why they won't let her go home,if there's not any other reason's,she will eat better at home with her family anyway!I'm sure you already know this,but the doctor's don't alway's trust us mommies!Also they may be worried because you already have so many at home,well of course we know that makes it all the better!You will have so much help.Just wanted to encourage you,I will keep you in my prayer's and the whole William's family can't wait to meet baby Esther!!!Cara

    P.S.Just wanted to say I love they way you are looking at Esther,I'm sure it comes natural to you and your family,to know she is an extra special blessing.,but so many people don't get that!Alot of well meaning freind's told us God knew Kaden needed us,we came to learn that God knew we needed Kaden and that we were undeserving of his unconditional love!!Bless you!