Sunday, September 21, 2008

I got to hold her!

The pediatrician decided that it was time for her to get her feeding tube - her biliruben counts were still going up.

So they were working on putting the feeding tube in and I got to take a few pics of her out of her "tent",

(she wasn't very happy, but it's a clear photo!)

but the two nurses just needed a few more hands, so they first asked me to hold the blow by oxygen up to her face while they got the tube in place (it goes through her nose down into her tummy) and then once the tube was in place (she didn't like it much, and let us know she didn't like it!), I got to hold her while they put 10 cc of formula through the tube!

As soon as she was in my arms, she relaxed and turned her head towards my arm - she knew who was holding her!  She also took a binky and she sucked on it while the formular was going through the tube!  She was so content and relaxed...and it felt sooo good to me to finally hold her in my arms, stroked her hair and talk to her!

Oh - and she even has "sunglasses" - here's a pretty good photo (the lights make everything look blue in the photos) of her with her felt sunglasses after her her first feeding:

God is so good - I was here at just the right time!

Esther getting her feeding tube is definitely a move in the right direction - this will help her bilirubin count to go down, she'll be more comfortable/satisfied, and will pave the way to feeding from a bottle once she can be out of the oxygen tent!

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  1. She is aDORable, what great pic's. The first thing we saw was that Einfeld mouth! We are praying for the Lord's peace through this tough hospital stay and strength for little Esther so she can come home very soon so you may hold her in your arms. We are so glad to hear she is doing better and the feeding tube is in. I can't wait to see meet her soon, give me a call when you have a chance Ruth.