Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy, Busy Week + Comment Contest going Well!

Sorry I haven't been posting this week - Monday I spent goofing off since it was a holiday!

Tuesday I think I was still in vacation mode, but got a few things done around the house, and did great bowling! Last week was my first week bowling, and I didn't do very well, but I was OK with that. I had an average of around 110. This week, my average was closer to 130! Yeah! I'm getting better, so there's hope!

Now, I'll give you the story behind our joining a bowling league! My son, Jason, bowled for the first time in his life last spring, and did so well, he decided to join a summer league with a friend and his friend's father. They did so well they ended up taking second place for the season! In practice Jason was even getting over 200 occassionally!

But his team mates couldn't do the winter season, so Daryl and I decided to bowl on Jason's team to encourage him to continue - he has the makings or a pro-bowler in our humble opinion as well as being able spend some time with him. He's 21 yo now and it's hard to get time with your children when they work full time and are busy doing outside activities (Jason also plays ultimate frisbey, volleyball, and softball regularly when they are in season!). Over the last couple months of the summer we went bowling with Jason a couple of times and he showed us how to throw a curve ball, and we started working at it.

This led to getting our own bowling balls and shoes, and a lot of fun! My curve is quite severe, but Daryl is still struggling to get the kind of curve he wants - he's getting closer all the time. Daryl has always been the athletic one, so it's driving him nuts that I learned the curve throw faster then he did! So for this "season" our date night is bowling with Jason, and we're just fine with that!

So that brings me to Wednesday - that day started with Esther little strawberry birthmark on her cheek breaking open and bleeding...for 1 1/2 hours! Creepy! Then in the afternoon, it did it again and it took 1 hour to stop. So I took her to the Drs (first time she's had to go to the Drs for a non-well-child check-up in over 2 months! Yeah!), and he said that they just do that and to keep it covered as it heals. Esther doesn't tolerate band aids well, so I just kept it covered that night and most of far, so good.

Thursday was planning an event I'm attending next week, making our menu and shopping lists, taking Dayton and Esther to Therapy and getting all the shopping done. Dinner at 7 (we usually eat at 5:30), then a movie and off to bed! Today, I'm still busy getting ready for the event next week, and we are working up to moving Esther out of our bedroom and into the girl's bedroom (right next door to our bedroom) so when I get up at 5 am, I won't wake her up and I can work in my room first thing (like having my quiet time, make my bed, tidy the bedroom), as now if I did any of that I'd wake her up, so I'm having my quiet time in the living roon and just not getting my bedroom stuff done most days!

That's all for now - except to say that the comments contest is going well - I've probably had more comments left in the last two days, than I have this whole year!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. You are busy!! Have a great time at your event next week.

  2. wow...I thought I was a busy lady! I didn't know birthmarks could crack and bleed. My kids' exzema does that, but never a birthmark. Oh, I gave Jessica a bag of stuff for Esther...I hope you got it. :o)