Monday, July 2, 2012

Photoshop is Awesome!

I have been learning to use Photoshop like crazy!  I haven't even received my copy of "Photoshop for Dummies" yet (picking it up from the library today!).

Here's some things I've been learning:

Original photo:
Here's the original photo with it only re-sized to fit here.

Here's the photo as I originally edited it by some basic adjustments like cropping, gamma correction and light.

Here I took the edited photo and pulled it into Photoshop and applied a filter of noise reduction and hue adjustment 

Then we had some fun and applied another filter called "poster edge"

And another cool filter was "dark stroke"
Daryl and I also worked all day Saturday creating new graphics for my website, the most awesome of which is the new graphic which started with this photo:

and ended like this:

I can't wait to do some more, but first I need to finish my website overhaul...we are very close, but need to tweak a few things and update all the pages...

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