Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Photography Leaning Take 2

This photo was experimenting with aperture once again, but I almost got it perfect.
The only adjustment to this photo was a slight increase in the brightness
I got the aperture right, as you can see from the very unfocused background!

This one only needed a slight crop as there was a corner of a blanket that got in the photo

This photo was taken by our living room window on a cloudy day
The light could have been better, but the photo turned out great,
only problem was she has all those mosquito bites! So....
With Photoshop I was able to easily fix those flaws
and you can't even tell that I fixed anything!

This was my attempt at motion blur in low lighting...cool effect, it looks like butterfly wings!

Each of these next three photos were taken with the exact same light, 
but I made different adjustments to the RAW image in Photoshop to correct the problems.

Poor lighting/cheap lens makes for needing lots of adjustments
But I shot in RAW for the first time so I was able to!
The graininess of this is due to my stock lens and low light.

This was also low light, so I had to mess with the colors as it was very yellow

I wasn't happy with the final coloring, so I really like this one in black and white!

When Carese first opens her eyes, she always has a big, sleepy grin...
today I captured it on film!

Below are photos taken by my sweet friend, Renee.
She started her own home business, Little Earthling Photography,
 of birth and newborn photography a few years back.
She has helped me with learning the ropes.
She also has a wonderful blog about her family, A Baker's Dozen and Apollo XIV
Here are the photos she took when Carese was about 2 weeks old.
Carese was not being cooperative, but in spite of that,
Renee managed to get some incredibly beautiful photos:

After what was to be the first part of the photo session,
Carese puked all over Renee
(Renee said she's had worse, but Carese got her pretty doused!)
 and would not stop crying,
 so the photo session was over just after it began.

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