Friday, July 20, 2012

This Breaks My Heart - But There Is Hope!

Yesterday I was checking on Alexandra's page on Reece's Rainbow and was soooo excited to see that she had been given an anonymous grant donation of $5,000!  Unbelievable!  I was so thankful to my Lord that He moved someone to donate to her adoption.

But today my heart is broken for her.  I also noticed yesterday that they mentioned that they had additional photos available of her so I requested the photos.  This is what I got today and it breaks my heart:

Do you see those precious little legs?  It says in her information "united multiple fractures of extremities, ribs" due to her "Brittle Bone Disease" and now you can see what that means!  Poor Alexandra needs her forever family to commit to adopting her and bring her home so she can have proper medical attention and nutrition to strengthen her bones!

Do you see her size?  I have no idea, but she looks to me like she weighs less than 20 pounds.  That's find for a baby, but Alexandra, IS FIVE YEARS OLD!

Do you see that smile?  In spite of everything she still gave a little smile for the camera.  She is in there, living this nightmare of inhumane care, but she has not mental retardation.  Just a physical disease that makes her bones weak.  

Please consider adopting Alexandra.

Please share this blog post. 

Please share her Reece's Rainbow Page

Please consider donating towards her adoption, even small donations will get her closer to being adopted.  

And Please Pray For Alexandra! - you can print this flyer (click on it to see it full size) and post it on your refrigerator:

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