Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crutches, a Spider Bite and Other Nonsense

Two of my  little cuties!
They don't look like sisters at all, not one bit ;)

We had a very busy week, but mostly staying home.  Most of the business was business.  As in, I was busy in my home business, Snap-EZ Inc.
We were also getting caught up on Laundry, washing the van, washing the trailer and mowing the lawn.  The weather had finally turned out some gorgeous days and we took advantage of it! 

My knee is doing so much better that I have been able to get around the house some of the time without the crutches and without pain! I've also reduced how much Ibuprophen I'm taking and it's still almost completely pain free - I feel some pressure in the knee in the evenings, but I wouldn't call it pain.   I am so thankful for this!  I have an appointment in a couple of weeks for my knee, but I am really hoping that I can call and cancel it!  I haven't used my crutches at all today and still not pain!

I did have to go see a GP this week, Wednesday,  as I got some sort of bug bite that went a little crazy.  I tried lost of different essential oils and they helped with the itching, but it just kept spreading.  When it got hot I decided it was time to see a doctor.  This photo was taking before it got worse - it started spreading more up my arm and got hot the next day after this photo was taken.  The doctor prescribed a cortisone cream, with a prescription for an antibiotics that I could have filled later if the cream didn't work.  I'm so thankful to report that the cream is doing the job. If you didn't know I had a bite, you couldn't tell now!

 Thursday we did a HUGE shopping trip and then relaxed at the lake again.  We just got a new video camera so I only took that, so no photos of the lake this week.  I'm hoping to get the hang of the video camera soon and share some of that.  So far we filmed with too large of images, so I can't upload them.  I know how to fix that now, so soon!
Attempting stylized motion blur!

I'm still studying the Photoshop for Dummies, and I've learned a few new tricks, but they aren't exciting - mostly how to work the system better like work space and keyboard shortcuts.  I'm hoping to get to some fun stuff in the book soon!

I am feeling so much better that I am now going to start taking back some of my jobs.  First of all I'm taking back caring for Esther - diaper changes, medications and therapy.  We haven't been doing any formal therapy this summer, but I want to start that back up again now.  She gets lots of informal therapy with all the brothers and sisters who play with her and challenge her every day!  I want to focus on small motor skills and learning some new words/sign language.  In the past she did well to learn the sign for a word and then she'd learn the word soon afterwards.  I'm also doing the little girls' laundry again.  I've also cooked a few meals too!  I even played my  violin today!  I just need to think about my priorities and slowly get back into the swing of being an involved, healthy mom and homemaker.

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