Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Days of Summer

We had some very busy days last week! 

First we celebrated big events in the Einfeld family - Mom's birthday, Jeanne's visit out here from Illinois, the adoption of Lee and the birth of Carese!
 Next we celebrated Jeremy's 26th birthday on Tuesday:

What a goofball!  But he did like the shirts we gave him!

Next, we spent Thursday afternoon at the beach at our friend's home again.  Jeremy joined us this time!
Isn't she just the sweetest little thing???

Elizabeth gave Dayton a send off.
Elizabeth, our little fish!

Jessica with a happy baby, is there anything more normal?

Our wonderful hostess and her adorable little girl!

On our way home from the lake, we got to enjoy this beautiful sunset too:

Then on Saturday we went to Silver Lake in Everett for my side of the family's reunion (well, my father's mother's side of the family:


And yes, as you can see, Carese loves to laugh now!!!

I just LOVE baby feet!

Esther was taking lessons from Elizabeth!

 After the reunion we all walked onto the Edmonds' ferry to deliver Rebekah to my sister, who was taking her to stay with my mother this week.  Everyone enjoyed the ride and the dinner in the park.  We got surprised by the concert in the park - Daryl's favorite style of music, swing/bluegrass/ honkeytonk/ragtime stuff.  Then back across the ferry and home again. And I was on my crutches the entire time, but I made it!  I was a basket case on Sunday, but so glad to be able to do all those wonderful things with my family again! It was a super long day, but full of wonderful memories!

Counting the cars as they disembarked!

Is there anything better!

Time for warmer clothes!

Daryl enjoying daddy/hood and great music!

Man, I love this little girl!

The kids loved trying to stand up against the wind!


Do you think she enjoyed the ride?
And then there's the "just having fun around our home" photos too: 

My Tweety Bird!

She prefers to ride facing forward now!

We ha

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