Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Camp-Out Part 1, Knee & Orphan Auction Updates

First of all I want to update you all on our fundraising for the Reece's Rainbow Orphans - Alexandra, Kimberly and Gemma (see the side bars).  We started an auction about 2 weeks ago, and most of the auctions have completed.  If all winning bids are paid at winning value, we raised over $375 - but many of those paying have already given above and beyond what they bid!  Praise the Lord!  Once all the payments have been processed, I'll post updates on their adoption funds!

Update on my knee - I'm off crutches!  I experimented with going around without my crutches starting with just not using them at night and increasing more everyday and over the course of a week I was able to go an entire day without them!  Without pain!  I even made it through an entire week of camping/walking on uneven ground without them!  You have no idea how happy this makes me!  I still have to work to get stronger, but camping/walking/biking sure helped a lot!  No surgery for this momma!!!

Last week was our annual church camp-out.  We are one of the zealots that go up early - this year we went up on the Sunday, the camp-out officially started on Friday.  We had family time until others started arriving Tuesday.   More people than ever came up early, so by Thursday night the campground was nearly full already!
I'll let the photos tell the story, at least for the most part (they are not in order, as I just don't feel like working that hard tonight):
Carese loved camping, even when we
had to put socks on her hands to keep them from getting cold!

She loved having the girls try their hand at portraits!

Experimenting with objects close in focus....

A whole new way to have tummy time - she loved it!

More experimenting - the rose was made by Jessica out of playdough!

I love the sweet, loving expression on Jonathan's face....

But this one was better of Carese

My attempt at a portrait

The resident camp bandit - who needs racoons?

camp bandit assistant

Our camp charts - animal to represent each child
charts for camp clean up/cooking as well as Esther patrole
and on the right is the menu for the week

More close up focus experimentation - Dayton made a cool robot face in playdough!

Home sweet home for 7 days!
We ended up with 6 tents total by the end of the week!

Our sweet little camper!

A little help?

morning routines at camp

more focus practice

taking the girls for a ride

everybody gets into the riding thing!
That's all for tonight - I'll try to get to the rest of the photos tomorrow!

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