Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Carese's Dedication Day Photos

A couple of weeks ago, our entire family was present as we did our "Parent Dedication" for Carese.  
Our church puts the emphasis on parenting - that it is actually discipling our children.  So when a new baby is born, we celebrate this by having the parents prayed for by the pastor and the congregation.  It's a time to remember that parenting isn't just something you do because you had kids, but it is our highest calling in marriage - to raise up Godly seed for His glory.

Pastor Steve shared with the congregation that Carese's name means "grace", and her middle name is "Faith".  The definition in Strong's concordance is "The divine influence on the heart, as manifested in the life".  She is a manifestation of God's work in our lives.  He keeps pressing us to trust Him completely, in all areas of life.  He shared what a miracle she is - she survived through a high-rise pregnancy and an emergency, life-threatening birth, defying the odds so to speak!

Carese spent the entire time staring into Daryl's face...it was so sweet!

Carese was not exactly excited by all the commotion!
Check out that double chin!
Here's my mom and my girls, all ready to leave for church!
Daryl's parents and my mother came to the service, and my friend, Ruth, was kind enough to take some photos!
It's not easy getting a family photo where everyone looks good, but this one turned out great!

Here's my girls and me.

And here are my girls - we took this one to use for my "My Daughters" blog!