Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo Extravaganza

Our camera battery died and I needed to order a new charger as ours has gone here's a bunch of photos that we had taken in the week before the battery went dead:

We were invited to spend the afternoon at our neighbor's house and enjoyed fishing, roasting hot dogs and marshmallow and relaxing in the beautiful surroundings!

Our catch from our neighbor's pond!

One happy fisherman!
Our little Indian with her first catch!
Esther loves to point, and she love watermelon too!
Rachel loves to hold Carese, anytime, anywhere!
classic fishing photo!
hanging out in the shade, and enjoying each other's company!

Jonathan saving the day, getting the fishing line un-stuck!

Esther Loved going out in the boat!
She wanted to go again, and again, and again!

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My mother and Carese, so sweet!

Fishing in action - everyone had a lot of fun fishing, that is for sure!

Jonathan - I love his new hat...

Rebekah caught the most - she caught 4 of the 8 fish that we caught!

So Sweet!
Esther's new hair cut!

My mother found a new friend, our oldest cat, Abbey!

Mom enjoying our goofy girls!
OK, so it's a "bad" photo, but I love it anyway!

My three little girls in green!

Princess Carese - she wasn't too thrilled with the idea!

My mother and my daughters, beautiful every one!

The little girls last Sunday in their almost matching dresses!
Esther in Pig Tails!

Dayton holding Carese - he's a very helful big brother!

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