Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Carese's Newborn Photo Shoot (#1)

Carese actually had two newborn photo sessions (I'm blessed with two friends who are great at photography!), but I have not gotten around to posting the photos...until now!

Here are the photos that my friend, Ruth D, took when Carese was 1 week old.

She looks like something a leprechaun left on the door step!

The hand on her back is her biggest sister, Jessica, trying to calm her back into deep sleep!

That's my hand - I was going to adjust her leg and Ruth D took a picture to test the lighting,
but we just love this photo as it shows how super tiny she was!

no baby fat on this skinny mini!

Oh so tiny - that is a regular size rose!

This is Daryl's favorite photo - looks like those photos of babies in the womb
And she doesn't really look "finished" since she had no baby fat
making this photo just that much more realistic
(it she had gone full term, she would have still been in my womb for another 2 weeks)

Which is your favorite photo???

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