Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Learning to Really Use my SLR and Photoshop!

I've had both for years, but have resorted to just point and shoot photographs.  Mostly I just didn't have the time to learn, and when I tried I just kept forgetting what I had learned!  My camera is a Canon Rebel with the stock lens (hoping to upgrade soon!)

Now I have time to get it right, since I'm so limited on what I can accomplish with my bum knee (yes, it's still not a happy knee in any way, shape or form).  Here's some of my learning photos:

experimenting with aperture (had left the flash on by accident),
 most of them turned out blurry or dark....or she was goofy
Don't you just love those argyle baby legs to go with that pretty cloth diaper???

The life jacket was all red, used Photoshop to change the color to blue

learned to change the image to black and white and then restore the color
This was also a photo where I was experimenting with aperture, only with a flash

same as above, but this was my first attempt

cool Photoshop filter!

still working on aperture, only I almost got it right - good lighting and a still model
I just had the focus a little off

Loved this photo with this filter!

Since these photos last week, I've learned about shutter speed, ISO and shooting in manual.  Today I took my first photos in RAW...I'll show off some of these later!

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