Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Thief in the Night...

We have a robber who keeps stealing from us!  I've seen his foot prints, we see him running off when we come home, and he disturbs the peaceful tranquility of our cats...but he's just to stinking cute!
This was taken around 5:30 am earlier this week using my Iphone...
I have always loved Racoons, and I just love watching them...their hands are fascinating!  Their foot prints looks like little baby feet...just to cute!  Too bad they can be dangerous or I would love to have one as a pet! We try always feed the cats in the morning, so there isn't any left by evening, but I think he checks every night just in case...Jessica found a hole dug under her dog kennel gate, so we think Bandit was going for the dog food there...the cute little stinker is getting more creative!
I just found this photo again, sent to me by my friend, Nicole...her daughter was taking photos at the picnic:
Elizabeth and her new-found friend at the Christian Heritage Picnic (Photo by Jessica P)
And I finally got around to taking photos off my phone, 
so here's some things we have been doing in the last month or so!
The girls with Amy Vest at the Pure Heart Conference!
Jessica with her new horse, Celine...isn't she gorgeous? 
(I meant the horse, silly, but you are right, Jessica is beautiful, inside and out!)
Esther was being so cute - goofing off with Jason...she loves to make him smile!
 And this is me and my girls...they love to cuddle when I am in my recliner.
While posting these photos, Esther is sitting in my lap and totally enjoying the photos, laughing and pointing and waving...she especially liked the one with Jason - she was waving at Jason.  She's such a fun baby!

And one last note - can you pray for my friend, J., she had a beautiful little girl this summer with Down syndrome and she was diagnosed with a rare cancer...pray for God's peace in the midst of this storm...

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