Friday, October 15, 2010

Common Sense....

So often people talk about "use your common sense"....or "that's just common sense"...

When discussing things that people do that are out of the ordinary, their "common sense" is questioned.

When people have questioned why we homeschool, choose to not use birth control, or live in the middle of no-where, or any of the other many things our family does that is not common in our culture, more often than not, something will be said about "that's just not common sense"....or "your not using your common sense"...and it always makes me think "but is common sense what we should base our decisions on?" But is "common sense" so great?

But God says in I Corinthians 1:26a "For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom..."

So, we strive to make decisions for our family based on God's Word, with little concern for the present culture or what others may think about how we are raising our family...and for us, that means that our lifestyle does not "go with the flow" and is unique to our family. We, as parents, are accountable to God for how we are raising our children, and every morning I ask God to grant me the wisdom to know His will for me as a wife and mother that I may follow His lead, and not follow along with the rest of the world, doing whatever every one else is doing just because everyone else is doing it.

bible reading

You might wonder why I decided to blog about this today...well, no particular reason, I just came across that passage this morning in my Bible reading - and I thought it was cool to find it today as Daryl and I were just talking about that passage on Sunday when we were talking about what we believe about God and "family planning" and that verse just happened to be in the chapter I read today (I'm reading through the New Testament).

So, let me challenge you today - are you raising your family using "common sense" or "God sense"...if you are using "common sense" your family will probably look like most other families you know, but if you are using "God sense" then your family will look unique, because the God of the universe is so amazingly big that He has a unique plan for you and your family that probably doesn't look like any other family...God is not in the business of making cookie cutter people!

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