Friday, July 20, 2007

When it rains, it pours!

Boy, sometimes you gotta wonder!

In the last week, we were asked to help someone out financially, so we pulled together everything we could (didn't add up to much, but it helped), even to the point of shorting ourselves last week on groceries (by payday we were completely out of bread, butter, popcorn (our bread substitute), sugar, vegetables, and many other staples!). Then due to a misunderstanding, our bank account was charged over $400 for a service we no longer wanted done for us (they are processing a refund, but it will take about a week for us to get that money back)! Mortgage also came due this week! The day before payday we were in the hole and no way out!

This month the Malden Mills store closed, and I can not afford to run short of microfleece or windpro, so I took advantagetof the closing out prices and stocked up on both. We also put together over 250 yards of prints and sent them out to get laminated as we have completley run out of prints for the diapers and trainers - and the price of lamination has also gone up considerably! Also last week we ran out of hemp FT, and Hemp fleece and found out that there had been a substantial price increase in both! I also began running extremely low in Burley Knit Terry (we go through about 40 yards of this every month), and Snap-EZ Labels! Talk about heavy hits on the bank account!

So we couldn't get any help from the business, we might even need to not take any pay for a while! And on top of that we found out we need to have 2 months worth of mortgage payments at the time of closing for our new home! OUCH! That gives us less than two weeks to come up with that one! That was going to take a miracle!

I'm open to miracles - and God has come through! We got a call from a friend who told us that he would help us out to make the right amount of money in the bank at closing, if we would just return the funds after it is no longer needed! What a God send! We hope we will not have to take him up on his offer, but at least we have that to fall back on!

So for now, we are trying to sell off anything that is of value that we no longer need - DHs old truck is on Ebay, I sold off all my kid's diapers that I wasn't using anymore, I'm going to try to sell most of our stringed instuments (no one is taking lessons right now and we have 1 cello and 6 violins). That is were we are starting anyway!

Wow, I remember times like this - one of those times is what was the start of Snap-EZ - income reduced, so I went back to cloth diapers, then found out about pocket diapers, made some for Dayton, had some material left over, so I sold a few diapers on Ebay, and now 3 years later here we are with two home businesses, a workforce of WAHMs, shipping all over the world, etc...!

So I'm waiting to see what God is doing...I have a feeling He's up to something!

One thing we are going to do, that we have been talking about for a while now, is branch out with Snap-EZ and set up a fabric selling store - I even came up with a name last night - "Snap-EZ Surplus"! We might make this an online fabric supply store - selling materials that we have to purchase in larger quantities than we need or can store! So maybe this is where God is pushing us right now! It's worth trying anyway!

So stay tuned - and see what God is doing - It's going to be exciting that's for sure!

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