Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Miracle, part 2

Well, it may not seem like a miracle, but it's close - I got the refund on the charge from the banker today! Yeah! After all I went through, I really didn't trust that it would be credited until I saw it with my own eyes! But it's there today, so we are that much closer to our goal!

We did find out yesterday that we really need to show the funds in the back by the first of next week - so that gives us 2 weeks less than we thought to have it there. We are getting close, but it looks like we will be short unless God sends another miracle or two our way.

Daryl's truck didn't sell on Ebay, bummer, but he is talking with a guy about it and it sounds at least somewhat hopeful.....He also has some wheels and car parts we are going to try to sell as well.
I am going to be contacting local music teachers to see if any know of students looking to buy violins or cellos as we have a VERY nice cello that is no longer in use here (Jason is on to more important things now, like working full time and restoring his 70s era camaro), and several violins as well (1/8, 1/2, 3/4, and a fullsize) - we are keeping one just incase, but we just aren't into the strings like we used to be - you know, phases of life and such!

We are also going to list my recumbent tricycle on Craigs list - that bike cost us more than some of our cars - we bought it last summer! But I found a great deal on another recumbent at a garage sale this past June that is easier for me to use, so now I don't need the first one.

So we are praying that a couple of those items will sell and then we'll be all set!

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