Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Building Update...

The appraisor came out Monday, real nice gal, and she is working on it this week. She should have it finished and at the bank by next Monday and then we'll be heading for the final paperwork phase and back into building around the 7th of August.

We also found out that the Mobile Home has to be removed before we can live in the house! ACK! We will be homeless! Well, not exactly, but close! Depending on the timing, we will be living in Daryl's shop (we'll pull out camping trailer in there so we'll have a kitchen of sorts) for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It's a nice shop as shops go - heated, insulated, sheet rocked, and has a bathroom too and that's big plus - but no shower, washer/dry, and even smaller than our mobile home - will make for great memories and expanding our appreciation for the new house when it's done even more! I'm hoping this will be very short term!
Maybe this delay will be in our favor then - originally we would be finished with construction right around Christmas - not a nice time to be living in a mechanic's shop! With this delay, it will be close to February or March. Still cold, but with the possibility of the kids playing out of doors anyway!

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