Thursday, July 26, 2007

We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a little help from a few sources, we will have enough money by later today!

Our DS in Okinawa sent us some help, and our other son is purchasing my bike!~

Plus some funds from Daryl's pay this week to round it out!

So we made our goal!

If I wasn't so tired today, I'd be doing the happy dance (and my kids would think I had totally lost it!)

Thank You God!

We couldn't do it without him pulling a few strings for us - like the thing with Jeremy - he was waiting at the airport to go to Korea for a month where he will probably not be able to contact us at all, and I happen to mention our situation to him and he sends nearly everything he has to us - and only asks that we spend it on his truck when we are done "using" the money! What a great kid, eh? But just in time - if I had not mentioned it, or waited like 20 minutes longer, he would have never known and would not have offered to help! Amazing!

Now to de-stress a little - anyone got some serious chocolate they'd like to share???


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