Thursday, July 26, 2007

So much to do, so little time!

This is an ever present problem around here! There's never enough time in the day, and if I could add more hours into the day, then I'd have to also add more energy into this ol' body of mine!

Here's a sample of my schedule today:

Mom's Thursday Schedule
05:00 pmDevotions with D
05:30 amQuiet Time
05:45 amMake Bed/Tidy Bedroom/switch loads/collect and sort D&R's Laundry
06:00 amSew Nursing Pads/boil
07:00 amWake Kids Up/switch loads – Nursing Pads with Whites/
07:30 amBreakfast and VITAMINS
07:45 amPocket Quarterly and paypal for Michael
08:00 amTaxes (Switch Loads – Jessica start her laundry)
08:30 amSew SL Fleece Pockets
09:00 amSew SL Fleece Pockets/Switch loads/Ship Nursing Pads
09:15 amSnap SL Flece Pockets & Fleece Covers
09:30 amSwitch loads –fold kids' laundry
09:45 amCurves
10:00 amCurves
10:30 amStock Fleece pockets
11:00 amStock Fleece Covers
11:30 amSwitch Loads fold laundry
12:00 pmLunch
12:30 pmEmails/Switch Loads
01:00 pmStock S4L
02:00 amStock S4L
02:30 amStock S4L
03:00 amShopping Lists
04:00 pmKids Chores/Hot Spots
04:30 pmDinner prep
05:00 pmDinner cooking/table set
05:30 pmEat Dinner
06:00 pmDevotions
06:30 pmSeamstress bins
07:30 pmFamily Time
08:00 amBrush Teeth/Pajamas
08:30 amRead Story
09:00 pmLights Out!

Looks great eh? Too bad it doesn't go as planned most days!

I've gotten most things on the list done so far today - just a few gliches I didn't expect - like:

not being able to find my log in information for doing my sales tax quarterly online,

and having to wash one of every size of trainer to recheck sizing (it turns out that our new FOE doesn't shrink as much as the old, so they are now running a little larger than before!)

and not being able to go to curves today because of the aforsaid unplanned events

and two toddlers having WAY too much fun eating chocolate chip cookies and the playing in the sand - chocolate and sand is hard to clean up without removing skin - so they had a bath

like waking up too early, so I spend the time doing email and miss my morning quiet time - which I really needed today!

and so on....and so on...

My schedule for tomorrow is just as bad...Calgon...Take me away! NOT! The problem with escaping is then when you return you are that much further behind than you were before!

Well, it's 4:30 and we I haven't gotten to anything on my schedule that is listed after 2:30 - and here I am blogging - maybe this is my new escape?

"This Schedule was brought to you by..." Renee or "A Baker's Dozen" blog fame (see link on the right" as I was talking to her yesterday about my schedule and a few other large family type things and she thought it would be a great idea for me to post my schedule that I make for myself most days!

She also wants me to blog about our dishes - but I need a photo for that one - maybe tomorrow when I need another escape!

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