Friday, July 20, 2007

When God Closes a Window!

You may be wondering how progress on our new house it going...well we hit a road block. We had been working with a mortgage company for 8 months and we finally came to our senses and realized that it just wasn't working! Every step of the way was slow and painful - wrong paperwork (one sheet was for the state of Illinois, another was for a mobile home (we are NOT building a mobile home1), and confusing forms. So last Saturday we finally made the decision to bale out and find a new mortgage company.

We decided to go with what we know and went to the bank that holds out current mortgage. Wow, what a difference~ I spent 1 trip and about 1 hours with Jennifer at WaMu, and and she gave me just 3 sheets of paper for our builder to fill out (very easy to understand and fill out), and she called me just 2 hours later to say that we had been pre-approved and that the underwriter had even looked it over and gave his approval as well!

We hadn't gotten that far in the 8 months with the other guy!

Our builder faxed in the paperwork the next day and he was approved the next!

The appraiser is coming out on Monday, and once the appraisal comes back and is approved, we can begin to build again and that means we'll be back in business in less than 2 weeks! Basically we got more done in 4 days with Jennifer, than we got done in 8 months with the other guy!

Boy, I tell you, getting that close to building (ready to pour the footings) and pulling out on the financing was a very scary thing, but we prayed a lot about it and knew that if this house was meant to be, then it would all work out in the end. There were just too many signs that we should switch tracks - so we took the plunge and stopped beating on the door - and **poof** a nice big window opened up and boy does the fresh air feel good!

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