Thursday, May 1, 2014

Because He Can...

(cross post from our adoption blog, A Seventh Sister)

That is a phrase that has stuck with me from the movie "Facing The Giants."  The man was overwhelmed by God's goodness in his life after going through some really despairing times.  And He not only met this man's needs, but He threw in some things that go above and beyond this man's expectations....and the man says "Just Because He Can"...that God has done something not because it was needed, but the overflowing cup kind of blessing because He can!

Well today God did something "just because He can."  We were "fully funded" through some amazing events way back in April. An amazing matching grant from strangers (now friends and our sister and brother in Christ!), and outpouring of generosity from people locally and around the world to help us reach the goal for that matching grant.

But then there were legal changes, and a missed flight that pushed our expected budget so that we were looking at a shortfall of possibly as much as $3,000, especially if we had to get our flights quickly.  Well, we did not have to get our flights quickly and we were able to book flights out 7 weeks from purchase time so we got really good deals on the flights.  Plus I found I could book our hotel stay through and saved money there even thought we booked a bigger room - plus we will get 15% off all our meals there!  So were were just a little short on paying for the flights and the rooms, but someone had promised to be back up funds for our remaining expenses, so that got covered.

As our trip loomed near, Daryl has been squirreling away a little money every week from his overtime - this is usually his "project money" but usually ends up going to car repairs.  But just this week he decided that we'd use that to cover our expenses for the trip.  There was "probably" would be tight and would not cover anything unforeseen, but it was definitely a good start.

I knew we had some bills that were unmet, and not sure if we had enough money.  We didn't really want to even ask for the funds even though we knew we could get what we needed just for the asking.  So I asked God.  I wrote in my prayer journal earlier this week. "God please provide what we need to cover these expenses, and I realize I'm asking for something miraculous"....

Then today God moved on our behalf and we were given more than enough money to cover our expenses - enough to cover the prescriptions we had to get for Christy that will not be covered  by our insurance (they were written in my name and we don't have time to change it now), and the cost of our extra bag on the way there and so much more!  We had many expenses preparing for this trip, like a new suitcase, clothes/shoes/accessories for Christy plus some unexpected medical bills at home that have built up but we were going to deal with it when we got home - not we don't have to.

God tells us in the Bible not to worry about anything, not what we will eat or what we will drink or what we will wear.  He is our provider.  He doesn't necessarily provide ahead of time or more than we need, but He does provide.  And sometimes He provides so generously.  He has erased all my fears and worries in one fell swoop - He Is Faithful.

When God Calls, God Equips.  His Calling Is His Equipping.  Period.  We just have to follow His call and step out in faith.  He takes care of the details and stretches us in the process drawing us closer to Him and teaching us so much about His love and care for us as our LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER.

And no, I'm telling where this came from.  I would not have expected this.  There is no other explanation other than God working in mysterious ways.  Just stand next to me, amazed at what God can do.  And yeah, I'm barefoot again, socked blasted clean away....again.

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