Tuesday, April 29, 2014

49, 48, 46....Heavy Numbers Indeed!

Any idea what those numbers could signify?  I'll let you know at the end of this blog (yes, you may scroll down to find out!).

We are counting the days/hours until we fly away to the other side of the planet to bring Christy into our home forever.  Lots of contemplating things right now....how to pack things I use every day....how our trip will go....and firsts.

There will be lots of firsts - the first time Christy gets tucked in bed by her mommy, the first time she wakes up to a mommy and a daddy, the first time she flies in an airplane (oh my!), the first time she has siblings....and so many, many more.  I have no idea if she will appreciate all these first when they happen, but we know that they are so important!  I hope we get to see her light up in surprise frequently, like she did in this photo!

Right now I'm working on getting things all settled in my business so that it can run with little help from me for a few weeks.  I will still check emails and do some management from Bulgaria, but I certainly can't do any cutting or sewing while away.  I am all done cutting (thankfully as I was nearly blister range on my fingers and some of my knuckles are no happy about cutting lately!), but have a few small sewing projects to finish up.  I'm hoping I can get those done by Thursday!

I would like to ask for a few things that you could pray about for us.  First, that we make all our connections. We have two layovers both ways, and one is going to be on the tight side - in Philadelphia on our way home we have a 2 1/2 hour layover, but we have to go through immigration and  collect our check in luggage and go through customs before we can re-check out luggage and get to our flight.  This is barely enough time.  Thankfully we will be on the same flight technically and most of the fellow flyers from the first leg will also be going to the second flight, so it is unlikely that we will get left behind.  Secondly that we will remain healthy throughout the trip, especially Christy. Thirdly, that we will have a great time and that Christy's adjustment to us will go smoothly.  Fourthly, that everything/everyone  staying at home will be healthy and safe.  And lastly, that God will be glorified in our lives and that other will be inspired to save an orphan!

Speaking of saving orphans, it's been a long time since I advocated for any orphans.  If you have been reading my blog for a long time you will remember when I was advocating!  I advocated for three little girls and two of them are now with their forever families!

Nastia (who we knew as Alexandra) was this precious tiny girl who had brittle bone disease.  She came home almost exactly a year ago.  She has had a wonderful time adjusting to having a family.  She talks very good English and even sings songs from Disney movies!  She has had two surgeries (not without complications, but she's doing great now) to correct the problems in her legs from multiple fractures that had not been properly set.  She now has rods in both legs to straighten and strengthen her legs in hope that someday she will be able to walk!

Gemma (her new name is a secret but they refer to her as "M" on their blog Carry Your Light) has also been home for a long time. She came home last summer.  While in many ways she is thriving in her forever family, her transition has been difficult and she is struggling with seizures that so far medications have not been able to control.  Her family is loving her and doing so well at trusting in Jesus for strength and giving Him the glory.  I'm sure they'd appreciate your prayers!

Kimberley is a little girl in South America that I was also advocating for, but she does not have a forever family yet.  Two Years...think back to what was happening in your life 2 years ago....our youngest, Carese was just a newborn 2 years ago...and yet two years have gone by and Kimberley still have no family working to bring her home.

And she is not alone - there are hundreds of children on Reece's Rainbow that are still waiting for families, and hundreds of thousands around the world waiting for families.  Please think about what you can do for an orphan today - advocate/share someone on your social network, donate to an orphan's adoption fund or to a family who is in the process of adoption, or come alongside a family who is or has adopted to support and encourage them!

So, what are those numbers?  Those are the weights of our three check in luggage!  There is a 50 pound limit, and we are trying to stay just under in case our scale is different from theirs.  We also have two carry on bags, two back packs and a car seat...we are going to be loaded!

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