Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She's learned to smile!

No pictures yet, they are too fast for that, but she has definitely learned to smile!    She's smiled at my friend, Sally, her daddy, Rachel, and of course me!  Jessica is definitely bummed that Esther hasn't given her a smile yet, and she's been trying so hard to get her to smile!!  And it's such a cute smile - she even has at least 1 dimple!

With Esther having Down Syndrome, I have no idea what her learning curve will be, but I'm so encouraged that she's smiling already!  I was talking with her pediatrician about this just last week, when I asked her when she thinks that Esther might start smiling, and she said that as with  most babies, it can vary a lot.  I commented that "yeah, with my normal kids..." and she just about laughed/coughed or something like that - she said "you can say that about your kids, but I can't!" and we both laughed!  She has to call it "typically developing children" and "special needs".  I was going to say that even with my "other" children, they smiled anywhere from week one, to waiting until 8 weeks to grant me a smile!  So she's right in there with Reuben and Dayton as far as learning to smile!

I do know that Down syndrome children have a different growth chart - they usually have a smaller adult stature than average, and they typically grow slower.  She's doing great so far - I weighed her again this morning and she's gained 3 ounces in 3 days!  Yeah!  She's getting down right chubby in her legs and arms!  And what a budda belly!

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